Friday, May 8, 2009

Blind Hearted God

It felt like I’d won it all I was in the top of the world
But I never imagined you were stone hearted and so bold
I thought I was in search of stone and had found gold
Yes, gold, gold it was but not for me to hold
Just imagine how I lived through all my days
You walking with some other guys through my ways
I would have been as happy as when I first met you
If you had just told me “I HATE YOU”
Hey god how you could let her do what she has done to me
Yes you have eyes but you are too blind to see
How come you never feel me? How?
If you can go ahead and kill me like you’ve done now
I’m already dead but like you did
Holy god says “you are not the one I need”
If ill write her name with all my blood
Will I be the one you need oh dear God