Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Of your charm is how live with
Without you my dear I’m just a myth
Thy eyes reminds me of the moon in the sky at night
On dark cold day it renders me light
I’m blind without you, you’re my sight
You like my sun on clear blue skies
I see the world through your eyes
This heart stops breathing when you are not here
This eye starts crying, so hard to hold his tear
My mind stop screams your name with fear
When you not around my lips stop to talk
Without you in my sight my legs stop to walk
When I hold your picture my brain stops to think
These poor eyes love you so much they disregard to blink
If you’ll leave my love this boat will simply sink
This same boat that wished to hold you forever
The heart of boat now is full of fear
Please don’t leave me my dear
I can’t cry more I’m broke with tears
I’m so lost so full of fears

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