Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My story

Thy presence made my day then
Worsen; the day has now my old friend
Those were the days when life had fun
Life’s dark now no sign of moon, neither of sun
Life was good with you in my sight
Hard it is now to live lonely days and night
Dreams of mine right in front of me they blew
I still wish, with me tonight I had you
The world seems to move fast like a wind
I’m stuck here alone, my life is ruined
Thee must be happy, full of joy
I’m so hurt; I’m just a lonely boy
If I had thee here, how would I be?
Good as I was or mad for the world to see
The world laughs at me now as you are gone
I’m like a lunatic; I’m just for their fun
I’m missing you so, your smile and your beautiful eye
All I can do is remember you and cry
You are so far and a world apart
I’m so lost, alone, with a broken heart
More than then I need you now
I madly need you in my life, but how
Sorry that I couldn’t be like you wanted me to be
I hope you’ll forget those things and always remember me
The world seems same, but why I feel it’s different
Is it because, I’ve been deprived of your beautiful scent
You may think it was my mistake
Mistake could be mine, but my love wasn’t fake
Now since you are gone you may be satisfied that you don’t have to see me
But my eyes are as eager the 1st time when they saw thee
You just left without a single word not a single call on phone
Are you really happy that I’m all alone?
You never talked to me when you were in front of me to see
But now you talk to me as you are all the way across the country
How have you been all those days?
I was hurt, without you passing through my ways
Longtime passed since last we talked
Miss the moment together when we walked
Not a single day, I haven’t missed thee
Although you ain’t in front of me to see
Nothing but sad memories left with me
Not a single photo that I can hold when I die
Only time of sorrow with me to remember and to cry
Life has become as dark as moonless night
I’m all alone, world is in front of me to fight
I’m living, all by help of your tears
Hurt so bad, full of fears
I’ve become someone who I never thought I would
I’m going down but there’s nothing I can do to stop if I could
I’d still be happy if I had you for me to hold
That’s probably not possible as you are so bold
The nights are cold and days are so long
My life’s passing just writing a song
Song for the girl I’ve loved so true
From bottom of my heart and through
That’s only way to express my feelings for you
Pain, sorrow, in my life aren’t few
I don’t think I’ll see you ever again
No joy for me then, only heart full of pain.
Though our time together was so short
A bag full of pain in heart, that’s what I’ve got
Why was it that we ever met?
If we hadn’t I didn’t have to regret
You never told me you were leaving
I’d have given you a gift in the end
But why didn’t you told me, my dear friend
Now as of you, I’m changed, my eyes never stops as well as my hand
Although it’s like adding water in the sand
I know that it’s vain, although it’s hard to stand
I know that it but it’s this heart that doesn’t understand
My eyes are hurt, my heart hurt, and now my hands
As I write this to you my love my girl
You’re the only thing except from football that, I’ve love at all
But now I’ve found out that it’s all for nothing
A song in my hand that’s too long to sing
The world thinks I’m mad
They are true as I lost the only girl that I ever had
My life waits for joys and fun
I’m waiting for you to return
It doesn’t matter, if whole my life I cry
I’ll live with your memories and one day die
I regret that I beg you like a beggar
Promised to be with you forever
Although I know you are gone never to come
I write poems remembering you as I don’t drink rum
If I was a drinker, I’d have loved it now as I’m so down
But I’m a lovelorn, for world that’s as a clown
If seeing you’d cause me headaches, for what you’ve done to me
I’d have died, because I see you when I close my eyes and nothing to see
That’s when you only thing in front of me
Either closed or open, you are the only thing I see
The pain inside my heart grows every time I think of thee
I’m so in love with you, but you don’t care about me
Why you did never said a word about my feelings?
Long has it passed, still you voice in my ear always rings
I’m trying so hard to live a happy life now
I really want to but I don’t know how
You’ve left me so damn alone and full of fears
Every time I think of you I’m full of Tears
I’ve forgotten the whole world even my own name
But not you my dear, I am the one to blame
To love you so much from bottom of my heart
Now I’m left with nothing as we are apart
The day before I saw you I was having fun
I was like one and only ever happy sun
Those were the days in life, I want to now
I don’t want to fall in love that’s my vow
The first time I saw you, I ran out of my world
Your beautiful voice entered my ears like one sharp sword
I glanced into your eyes and drowned inside
I searched for the words to describe you far and wide
The setting was fresh and everything was new
That very first moment I saw you, I wanted you
It took me long to express my feelings made
Just before the day I found out you were not interested
Still the voices comes to my ear, I wish it was a lie
If it was as I thought I’d never had to cry
Every morning I wanted to see you first
Just guess dear how I have lived after you I’ve lost
Those days I wished always to be in college
But now I’m always filling up the blank pages
Where are you when I’m so hurt and full of pain?
The love and kindness of mine to you, are they gone in vain?
What have I got as I loved you? What’s my reward?
Pain, sorrow, tears and a broken heart?
Thee must be happy, full of joy
I’m so hurt; I’m just a lonely boy
Years and few have gone no sign of you far or near
I feel so damn hurt I wish you were here
Still the echoes of your voice surround me always
Darker the nights are and darker the days
It hurts so much when its night
Without you in my sight
It feels like my head’s going to burst
Heart feels so cold like left out in the frost
In this cold life of mine I’ve found a new friend
To pour down the feelings of my heart, yes it’s my pen
The friends once they were have left me alone
No sign of the comeback, not a single phone

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