Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My dear love I’m missing you a lot

As of loving you in life I’ve lost hope
Love has made me crazy, I’ve become a misanthrope
Ecstasy in life so hard to find
Pen’s running on the paper, you’re on my mind
It’s been a year or so
No one I meet, there’s no where I go
My eyes are like cloud, they always speak with rain
My heart is like thunder, always speaking in pain
I spend my times in darkness, I’m afraid of light
My soul dies in day, reborn at night
I walk alone with you in my head
Only your thoughts even without my own shade
My own shadow left me never to come again
Tears are my water, my food is pain
That’s what I’m living with since you’re gone
Life’s full of darkness no sign of fun
Pain, sorrow tears that what I’ve got
My dear love I’m missing you a lot

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