Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Stars and The Sea

The tidal waves come to me and they go
All along the day and night with the sea they flow
Sun and moon they come and go
The sea is the world, and I’m alone in the shore
The sand on the shore oh it’s so cold
The pain inside my heart so hard to hold
Even the tears from my eyes are dried by the breeze
Life is just like a desert without any trees
The stars in the sky always looking down at me
Am I the only sad person in the world for them to see?
Or have they seen my pain, and just giving me a company?
As I don’t have a soul in front of me
Who says that I’m all alone without a help?
Who says that I can’t live all by myself?
What if I don’t have any soul in front of me?
There are some who’ll always be with me, The Stars and The Sea

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