Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Never ending love of mine

I don’t why but I’m feeling so good now
I’m asking myself the question, how?
Have I forgotten her I don’t think so
Since she’s been far from me now I think I love her more
But what am I so happy about?
The joy inside make me feel like crying out loud
The ecstasy I fell inside I can’t hold
Can’t wait to show that I’m happy to this world so cold
Hey everyone I’m happy and I’m not mad
Though I lost the only girl I had
I loved her so much that I don’t need her to be with me
All I want for her to do is always be happy for me to see
That’s what makes me happy that’s what makes my day
Her beauty makes my life, even if with different guys she passes through my way
I’ll wait for her till my last breath, I’ll wait I’ll cry
Whatever happens to this world till then, my love for her will never die

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