Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Broken apart

I’ve always been alone in my life and always sad
Only thing for the last two years to be happy about for me was in front of me you I
I swear dear ill never love anyone like I’ve loved you all my life
No one I really mean it not even my wife
I still remember the first day I saw you
Those small eyes and the way you smile
The way you walked into the room
It was like one scene to see
Its was like one of the god’s angle in front of me
That day my whole life stopped
I used think what am I living for me to be
Nothing for me to be but just you for me to see
Those days it felt like I couldn’t breathe a sec without you in front of me
It felt like I was incomplete without you for me to see
Now it’s been like 5 months I haven’t seen you
Guess how I have lived my life now without you
It’s like living in the dark as I’ve lost my light
If you have a heart just think how I have lived my life without you in my sight
You may have already forgotten me already this day
But ill never forget even the first day you passed through my way
How many times I have to tell you that I LOVE YOU
Everything I said to you was true
I wasted my two years to show you what I feel for you
I tried a lot
Pain sorrow hate and a bag full of tears that’s all I got
If that’s what make you happy you can even hurt me more than as bad as I’m hurt
know they feel so few
I may seem like I’m living but I’m already dead as I’ve wasted my life on you
You are my life and everything I been send to live for
I’ve lived for you and I’m living for you and ill die for you
I’ve cried because of you I’m crying because of you and always be crying all
because of you
I don’t know why you took me the wrong way
Even without a single word to say
Even now
I miss you like a flower misses the sun at night
Like the flies miss the moon in sun’s bright
I wish I was with you there, this beautiful night
To be in front of you to hold you tight
I must be like this all for your sake
Although you were wrong, it was my mistake
To fall in love with a flower so good
I never know you had lots of bees on your top hood
I’m feeling sad and so low that I can die
You must be happy and feeling so high
I was the one who made you laugh and made you feel high
But now you’re laughing at me after you made me cry

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