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Murder at mid night

Lecone Davis, an assistant co-worker of Mr. Billy Page in HFD Manchester (Help for Disabled). Lecone a young energetic bloke of 35 lived in Manchester. He had completed his Masters in Sociology from Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester. Lecone was one of the biggest assets of HFD. He was liked by everyone in HFD, since he was so help full and so kind to his subordinate. He always used to be there to help any one who was in need of his help. But he never asked anyone to help him, and he used to refuse when someone would ask to help him. Everybody loved him in HFD. A young girl named Denise Williams was attracted to Lecone, Lecone was not interested in her or in any relationship as it seemed. Denise frequently used to ask Lecone out, but he used to refuse, making out some reason for him not bring able to go out with her. But another worker in HFD Jim Gilmour who was secretary of Billy Page was attracted to Denise Williams, who also was a competitor for the post of assistant manger and partner of Billy Page. Unlike Lecone, Jim Gilmour was not liked by his colleagues he had gotten his job as he was son of a minister. Power and money, that’s how he had got the job, as of that he had some problem working with other colleagues as well as his boss.
Jim was never sincere to his job and he never used to obey any rules and regulations or do any job properly. Jim was aware that, Denise had crush on Lecone, since he had power he had the mentality that he should get what he wanted. Billy Page was impressed by Lecone’s working ability and the way he handled the works, there was good relationships between those two and it was almost sure that Lecone was to promoted but as of his father’s name he was thinking that he might be promoted because his father was one of the sponsor and helped Billy Page to solve different social problems that HFD had to face.

It was hot sunny day; Lecone was standing on the balcony of his office, just beside the office of Billy Page. He heard two people quarrelling beside his room. It was Billy Page and Jim. Jim had recently misbehaved with one of their client. She was granddaughter of Robert Campbell who was one of the founding members of HFD, and his son Frank Campbell was friend of Billy Page. After their death of Robert and Frank Campbell on a plane accident, Janis Campbell followed in her father’s footstep and was working for different charities that helped poor, children and especially mentally disabled through different organization such as HFD. She was there to provide Billy Page with the amount she had recently got for a charity concert, organised in order to raise money for the disabled at HFD. Jim had seen her on the stage on that day in the concert. He had criticized Janis of being rude to all those politicians, saying they do not care for the social problem that we are facing now. It had started the quarrel, as Jim was son of one of the acting minister of that particular area.

Few days after that quarrel when Lecone was working in his computer, Denise entered his room, she asked him if he could go out with her tonight, but Lecone was to busy with his work that he didn’t gave to much attention to her.
“I’d love to go out with you Denise but I’ve got some unfinished job back here in the office and I’ve got to meet an old friend of mine who has just arrived form USA. I really appreciate you asking me to go out with you; I guess we can do this sometime later?” Lecone said.
Denise said; of course Lecone and left his office.

(Denise was in her room by the side of balcony, when she saw Lecone entering a restaurant in front of the office.)

In the restaurant Lecone was waiting for his friend. It was a nice small restaurant in Manchester. Lecone was busy with his cell phone when he heard.
Lecone, is that you?
It was his old friend, for whom he was waiting. Then for an hour or two those two were there talking and then there was phone call on Lecone’s phone.
Excuse me, said Lecone and went to the corner.
His friend was there one the table enjoying espresso on his table. After few moments, Lecone was back and the seemed a bit change in the expression on the face of Lecone.
Sorry mate but I’ve got to go back to my office, my boss just called me he needs me. Since you are staying here for a week, I get along with you, but for now I’ve to leave.
It’s fine mate. Catch you later.
I’ll give you a call, as soon as I’m free.
Ok then I’ll be leaving as well.
The bill’s on me, Lecone said and he left.

Lecone was back in his office; as soon as he entered his office he got the message for his boss to come visit him as soon as possible. He left for Billy Page’s office. In the office there were some of the workers for different international NGOs and INGO. They were there for the observation purpose of work of HFD. Since Lecone was assistant worker of Billy Page. And he was about to be one of the partner of Billy Page, he was called. When he was having conversation with the chairman of UNICEF, Denise entered the room. Billy Page introduced Denise as the next assistant co worker of Lecone and that Denise was cousin of Billy Page.
That very day Denise asked Lecone out. But unlike before this time Lecone agreed to go on a date with Denise.

Lecone picked up Denise form her apartment. They were back at a Café near the city market. Denise had reserved a table and had asked that table to be decorated with beautiful roses and candles. It seemed that Lecone was impressed already. When Denise asked Lecone why he accepted to go out this time without any distraction, Lecone said jokingly that it was just because he just knew that she was cousin of Billy page and if he started dating Denise that would also help him get promoted. It was 7:30 when they remembered the time as they were lost in words. It was already late and Denise had to reach her apartment before 8. Lecone took Denise to her apartment.

10 pm. Heaththrow Airport

Dr. Rodney had just arrived at Heaththrow Airport, Manchester from Glasgow. He had left Glasgow without a single word about the work he had in Manchester, when his wife asked why he was going all he said was; I’ve got an important work, I’ll be back as soon as I’ll complete the work. He was out waiting for the taxi, it was 10:15 pm so he thought it would be better if he’ll go to his hotel first and then early in the morning to his work. He got a taxi and he was off.

Early in the morning there were numerous police vans outside the Britannia Hotel where Dr. Rodney had stayed. There was something wrong on room no.47. Dr. Rodney was found dead on his room. There were lots of detective in the room, where Dr. Rodney was lying on the bed. The in charge of the detective was Ted Edward. He was questioning the maid, who had called to notify that Dr. Rodney was lying unconscious in his room.

What did you saw when you were in the room.

He had called and, ordered breakfast and morning newspaper, when I came here the door was open, and in the bed as now he is he was lying there unconscious so I called the manager.

What was the time?
It was around 5:55 am when he called, and when I reached here it was around 6:10.

Can I talk to the manager? Ted asked. Wait I’ll call him. Ted asked the constable to take note and pictures of the scene and search for the evidences.

A little later Ted was talking to the manager. Then came the constable
Sir, we could not find any clue, either it was suicide or murder. There’s no sign of single evidence on the floor.

Yes, sir we searched the whole room and we could nit find any clue.

Could it have been murder? Mr. Manager? Can you tell me who have entered this hotel and left?
Sorry but we don’t keep record of such things, such kind of accident had never taken place here. This is the first time, so we don’t have such records.

Thanks, we’ll get through this soon and I’ll let you know about all this as soon as possible.
(The body was taken for post-mortem.)
Ted Edward was in office, when he got the phone call.
Mr. Edward this is David Russell.
(David Russell was the doctor of forensic department.)
Hello David what have you got for me?
Nothing, detective to be particular, there’s nothing in the body, not a single foreign finger prints or any sign of murder or use of and drugs. The death seems so natural.
But there’s only one thing that I can assure you about that death.
What exactly is that?
The time, as of the state of that body it seems that he died around midnight, to be more precise at exactly 12:00, and that the victim had migraine. We found the chemical of pills of migraine.
12’o clock, how is that possible?
Yes, I am Detective
Thanks for that, Doc I’ll call you later.
Anytime you want detective.

Ted was in hysteria.

The time, as of the state of that body it seems that he died around midnight, to be more precise at exactly 12:00.

He had called and, ordered breakfast and morning newspaper, when I came here the door was open, and in the bed as now he is he was lying there unconscious so I called the manager.

What was the time?
It was around 5:55 am when he called, and when I reached here it was around 6:10.

Ted went back to the hotel and asked the manager who was the operator of the phone call that was made for room service. Can you please let me know about all the calls that were made in last 24 hours?
I’m afraid you have to ask the kitchen operator for that. I’ll call him for you.
Ted was waiting in the lobby, when he was asked to follow a waitress to the operator’s room by the side of the kitchen.
Ted asked the operator “Can you please let me know about all the calls that were made in last 24 hours?”
Yes, of course detective.
11:00 Room 13 get me some champagne and cold ice
11:05 Room 46 can you get me some fast food?
5:55 Room 47…get me some newspaper and cup of coffee.
Ted had found it hard to believe. He left the hotel and headed for his office.
He was in his office thinking what had just happened. He could not just believe what had just happened, two of the genius creation of science stood against him.
The doctor couldn’t be wrong neither the phone. He had no idea of what had just happened. He was just recollecting the thing that has just happened.

He had called and, ordered breakfast and morning newspaper, when I came here the door was open, and in the bed as now he is he was lying there unconscious so I called the manager.

What was the time?
It was around 5:55 am when he called, and when I reached here it was around 6:10.

11:00 Room 13 get me some champagne and cold ice
11: 05 Room 46 can you get me some fast foods?
5:55 Room 47…get me some newspaper and cup of coffee.

The time, as of the state of that body it seems that he died around midnight, to be more precise at exactly 12:00, and that the victim had migraine. We found the chemical of pills of migraine.

Chemical of pills of migraine

Get me some newspaper and cup of coffee.

Why would a migraine affected patient ask for a coffee? And on top of everything he was a Doctor.

It was 12 in the evening and Ted was still thinking, when he got call form his wife.
Ted where are you?
Honey sorry, I was stuck in middle of a case.
When are you coming home?
I’ll just be there in a moment.

Early in the morning, since there were no evidences found of that death, thus it was assumed to be suicide and the case was closed.

Back in HDP…Lecone was working hard to earn promotion, he had convinced his boss already with his work and still he was trying to make best impression so that he would get that promotion for sure.

He was working on the computer; a beautiful voice interrupted him…
It was Denise.
Hi Denise how are you doing?
I’m fine and how are you?
I’m fine as well.
Thanks for yesterday
Thanks for what?
That you went out with me.
Oh you don’t need to thank me for that, I was just looking for proper time, and I got it yesterday.

So what about to day? Are you free?
Umm let me check out ….ah I guess I am…
So it means we can go to this party at Platinum at 8? Ill pick you up today at 7:30
Yes, that’s a good idea.
See you then.

James Notting Hill lived in Renfrew, Glasgow. He was son of merchant. He mother had died when he was young. He had grown up with his father and a maid, with whom his father had a silent affair. He used to drink all day long and used to beat him up. He had grown up with view of hate towards the thing called “Family”. It was then he got along with the boys who were twice as age of him. So he got himself plunged into drugs.

On morning his father died of stroke.
When his father died he had got all his money and houses and everything, he had found the joy in life.
Though he was brought upon in such a family he was one kind child, but had a less manner in talking to others.

Few weeks after his father’s death, he had all the fun in life. He had got everything now; he had got himself out of drugs, even after loosing fifty percent of property to the maid, who was successful to make him believe that she had to get some of the property. James was having time of his life.

One morning James’s body was found in his living room. Just after 2 and half weeks of his father’s death, James was found dead, in his room.
There were investigation on that murder; the maid was taken in custody in reference to the murder, since no evidence was found in the death or even suicide.
The maid was released and the case was closed.

Everything was going fine at HFD. Lecone was about to be promoted he had convinced his boss to promote him, as an assistant manager and partner of HFD.
His boss had found a great passion in him towards his job, a certain loyalty in him that made him decide about making Lecone partner. Denise and Lecone had started going out frequently now, and Billy was happy for them. But Jim had problems with Lecone and since the silver jubilee was nearing and the promotion day was nearing he had to be silent, because that could ruin his party.

HFD was about to celebrate its silver jubilee the coming weeks. At that very moment Billy had thought of promoting his job and expanding HFD to different place.

Back in the office Billy was going through the old files of HFD, to collect the best of the works done by HFD to publish in the upcoming silver jubilee edition of the yearly magazine. He had got lots of files regarding those past works of HFD. He assigned the job of judging the best work which can impress the sponsors and other important persons. Billy was thinking of expanding HFD, planning to from branches in different location, so he had to impress some sponsors. He had to make them believe that they were really helping the needy.

Then a week after it was the party of sliver jubilee of HFD. Everybody form media, to celebrities and some of the ministers were there, along with people’s from INGOs were there. Billy was on the stage addressing the guests…

Ladies and gentlemen I glad that you all have taken your precious time to come to the silver jubilee…………………………………………………………………...
Once again I’d like to thank all of you for being here……………………
And at last…. I’d like to make an announcement regarding my new partner...
Ladies and gentlemen I’m so pleased to make Mr. Lecone Davis my new partner……
Mr. Lecone Davis……………there were applauds for Lecone as he stood up…….

And now Ladies and gentlemen…………you can enjoy ………………………………

Jim who was standing on the corner of the stage was noticed leaving the ceremony earlier, after he knew that Lecone was promoted in his place.

Later that night Mr. Billy was found lying on his bed unconscious by his maid.
Detective Ted was subjected to deal with the death case. Detective reached there and found that Billy Page had already died. He asked his constable’s to search for evidences that can be found…after 3 hours of sight seeing, no single clue was found. Ted thought I could have been a clean suicide, so he asked the police to take it to hospital for post-mortem.

Later while he was in his office he got call.
Detective Ted, it’s me David Russell.
Hello doctor
Have you found anything?
I’m afraid this death is also as the same we had with doctor Rodney……not a single evidence of murder or even suicide…and guess what…..the murder had happened 6 hours earlier when it was brought here…
That means the body? …………
Yes, he died at 12:00 same as the case of Dr. Rodney.
Thanks doctor if you’ll find any new things do let me know.
Of course, detective I surely will.

Ted was I back in office. The phone rang…it was his boss he wanted him in his office.
What have we got in her Ted?
I don’t have single idea, but I’ll get through it as soon as I can.
What do you me no single idea?
Billy was found dead in his apartment…when we reached there we couldn’t find any evidences not a single clue…then I thought it was suicide and I asked for the post-mortem then I got call from David Russell, he told that this death is as clean as before, there were not a single clue or any foreign fingerprints in his body…same as that case of Dr. Rodney…
So you mean to say is …we’ve got to close this case?
No boss, I think there’s something wrong with these two deaths and there’s a link…I’ll get that for you…I’ll start working on that right now…for that I need something I hope you can provide me with that…
Of course Ted.

Ted was in his office working in the computers. He was searching for the database of all the deaths that took place at midnight. He had found hundred of cases of death at midnight. Only 4 cases were there couldn’t be solved before the case was closed.

Richard Wayne Scott…12:00 found dead in United Asylum in Glasgow.
James Notting Hill … 12:00 found dead in his mansion in Glasgow.
Dr. Rodney ………… 12:00 found dead in Hotel Britannia Hotel in Manchester.
Billy page ……………12:00 found dead in his apartment in Manchester.

Ted was in amazed with the results he got….how are these deaths related?
Two of the deaths took place in Glasgow while two in Manchester. On top of everything all of these cases are unsolved. Was it just coincidence that the death took place at 12:00 I’ve to get through it as soon as possible.
Next morning Ted was off to Glasgow in morning flight. As soon as he had landed to Glasgow he went to see Mrs. Wayne Scott…

It was small cottages few kilometres form the airport. He took a taxi to Mrs. Wayne Scott house.

The door bell was answered by a woman in her late 60’s.
How may I help you?
Hello madam, I’m Detective Ted Edward form Manchester. I’m here to ask you about you husband’s death.
What for? It’s been more than a decade that he died. What have you got to do now?
No, madam it has got nothing to do with his death, but I got some problem which includes you husband’s death…so I thought if I could get some help…

Yes, come in…so what do you want to know?

Did your husband commit suicide? Or was it a murder? I’ve learnt that your husband had mental disease right?

Yes, he had some problems in his head. His death was not a murder but it was suicide. He had tried to commit suicide few times but that day the guards in the asylum couldn’t get save him………..she was all in tears…

Do you know the reason for committing suicide?

There was not any particular reason for that made him to commit suicide…we were happy, but as of his mental disorder his committed the suicide.

Thank you for your help Mrs. Wayne Scott. He was out …

It seemed that the trip of Glasgow had gone in vain. He hadn’t got anything form the death of Mr. Richard that were linked to other deaths.

Then he went to James Notting Hill’s house.
The door bell was answered by a tall young bloke.

How may I help you?

Hello sir, I’m Detective Ted Edward form Manchester. I’m here to ask you about death of Mr. James Notting Hill.
I’m afraid you have to talk to my mother for those…wait in the visitors room while ill call her.

A tall woman entered the room.
Hello detective I’m Sandra Williams. What brings you here?
Hello madam I’m Detective Ted Edward form Manchester. I’m here to ask you about death of Mr. James Notting Hill.

Ah. It has been long…and how come you be here to ask of death of Mr. Notting Hill?

Oh. It’s just part of my work madam.

So what do you want to know?

Did Mr. Notting Hill commit suicide or it was a murder?

It was a suicide. When I got to his room he was lying in his bed unconscious…when the post-mortem was done it was found that that was not a murder, nor it was known that if it was a suicide or not.

Was there any particular reason for him to commit suicide?

I guess not…he had just lost his father and got all his property…he hated his father and when he died he was happy.

How did his father died?

It was a heart attack.

Oh so do you know any of his friends who knew the reason that he had to commit suicide?

We never knew of his companions. He never used to talk to us about them.
Not a single person?
I’m afraid not. Oh…he used to talk about some guy …but we never knew his name …he used to call him Highlander.


We knew nothing more than that.

Thank you for your precious time madam. I appreciate that.

Ted’s head was now filled with dilemma. He had not got any thing from the two of the deaths. He got to the next plane and was off to Manchester.
As soon as Ted got down form the plane, he was off to Billy Page’s office to ask his employee about his death.

He was in Billy Page’s secretary’s office waiting for him.

Hello Detective.
Jim Gilmour …
Hello Jim Gilmour…
I’m Ted Edward
What brings you here Detective?
I’m here to ask you about the death of your boss.
Do you know any one who disliked him? Or do you know if there is someone who would try to kill him?
No detective. He was so kind to everybody, he was always there for anybody who needed his help. No one would try to kill such a person.
What was the recent thing he did that might have gotten him killed?
I guess there’s nothing.
There’s one thing I can do for you. I guess that might just help you.
What may I ask?
On the day he died we had celebrated or Silver Jubilee. We have a full video of that party I can show you that….
That will help as well.

They were watching the video…..Billy was addressing the guests.

Ladies and gentlemen I glad that you all have taken your precious time to come to the silver jubilee…………………………………………………………………...
Once again I’d like to thank all of you for being here……………………
And, at last…. I’d like to make an announcement regarding my new partner...
Ladies and gentlemen I so pleased to make Mr. Lecone Davis my new partner……
Mr. Lecone Davis……………there were applauds for Lecone as he stood up…….

And now Ladies and gentlemen…………you can enjoy ………………………………
Then in the list of person who where helped by HFD came Richard Wayne Scott. Ted was shocked…he was in an asylum in Glasgow. How come his name is here?
Where do you have you branches?
We don’t have any branches
You don’t have? Do you have any link with an asylum in Glasgow?
Oh yes, at first HFD was established as an asylum in Glasgow by John Page, father of Billy page. Then when his father died he came to Manchester and established HFD.

Oh, thanks Mr. Jim. Thank you for your help if you’ll get anything please let me know about that.

I surely will detective.

Ted left the office.

He was back in his office. He was thinking about the asylum in Glasgow, HFD in Manchester and Richard Wayne Scott. What has it got to do with Doctor Rodney? He opened his file and knew that doctor Rodney was friend of Richard Wayne Scott and a doctor in United Asylum.

Richard Wayne Scott--------Mental Disease--------Asylum------------Glasgow

Doctor Rodney
Notting hill

John page (Billy Page)

It was so hard for him to link all these………..

Richard committed suicide… Doctor Rodney his friend…who worked at Asylum where Richard died…asylum belonged to John page father of Billy Page……….
How is Notting hill associated in this case? Is there any link?
And if there wasn’t any link why did all these people died at 12:00…

Doctor Rodney knew Richard. Was there some thing that doctor Rodney knew that others didn’t knew which he was going to tell….so he was killed?
But who could have killed him?

Wait a minute …it has got something to do with Richards’s family.

I’ve got to go back to Richards’s house…

On next flight to Glasgow Ted was off to Richards’s house.

Good evening Mrs Wayne Scott.
Good evening detective what brings you here again?
Have you solved that case?
No madam but I’m on verse of solving that. I just came here to ask you if you had any offspring’s.
Yes I had.
I had means?
I had a son and a daughter ….my daughter died four years ago with brain tumour…and my son left the house when his father dies and hasn’t returned since then haven’t called us even…..till this day…I don’t know where he has been………he loved his father so much …I guess he left because of that.
What was his name?
It was Leslie Wayne Scott…he used to write it as Leslie Scott Wayne.
Do you have his picture?
Yes but only when he was 13...
That will work.
Here you go

Thank you once again Mrs Scott.

Richard was back in his office looking at that picture….he was 13 when he left the house……now he must be around in 30’s. He thought if he could ask the Photoshop designer to make him copy of that child when he’ll be around in 30’s.

He got hundreds of …copy of the photograph………….he was going through all that photos when he saw a familiar face……………………………………………
But he wasn’t sure where he had seen that person…then he remembered that he saw that person in the Silver Jubilee of HFD.

Now he had got some…clue he thought and it would be clearer if I’ll go to HFD.

He went to the office of HFD and was waiting for Billy Page’s secretary.
He was there
Hello detective
Hello Jim
I want small favour form you.
Could you please let me see that video one more time?
Yes, of course detective.

The video was one…..
Ladies and gentlemen……………………………………………………………………

Then came Lecone…he paused the video and asked who that was……
Oh that’s Mr. Lecone Davis. He was the one who was promoted that day as partner of HFD by Billy James.
Lecone Davis?
Are you sure? His name is Lecone?
Yes, I am, he’s been working here for a long time now.

There was a silent pause in face of Ted Edward. He was in disbelief of what he had just heard.

Thanks Mr. Jim for the help. I’ve leave now.

Ted left the office.

He was back in his office. Think about what he had just seen. The person in the video and the photo were same. So how can the names…………..?

(He wrote both the names on piece of paper)

Lecone Leslie Wayne Scott

What’s the link in these two names?
Then he remembered what his mother had said.

It was Leslie Wayne Scott…he used to write it as Leslie Scott Wayne.

Leslie Wayne Scott Leslie Scott Wayne Lecone

Suddenly he had got the clue.

He went to see his boss.
What have you got for me? Ted
I guess I’ve found the reason…but still I’m having some trouble finding it…….
He told his boss about what he had got form HFD office and Richard’s house.
Richard had a son who left his house when he died. He loved his father very much.
His father died in an asylum, which was run by John Page. John Page was father of Billy page. That was the asylum where Doctor Rodney had worked and he was one of Richard’s close mate.

What are you trying to say?
All I’m trying to say is that all these deaths are linked to each other.
But, how are they linked to each other?

Remember what I just told you Richard had son who left his house when he died?
Yes, so what?
His name was Leslie Wayne Scott but he used to write Leslie Scott Wayne.
So what?
I got his picture when he was 13, took is to the lab and made a copy of that photo to make him look like in his 30. I got a face form that which matched the face of one of the HFD’s worker Lecone Davis.
What has that got to do with Lecone Davis?
Those to person are same
And how can you say that?
Look at this ….

His name was Leslie Wayne Scott but he used to write Leslie Scott Wayne.
And the guy who is working in HFD is Lecone Davis.

Now look at this …

Leslie Wayne Scott Leslie Scott Wayne Lecone

Leslie Scott Wayne Lecone

You are simply a genius Ted. I’m proud to have an officer like you here.
Thanks boss.
Where does it lead us to now? Ted
I think it was him who is behind all these killings.
How can you say that?
….each and every person who have died are originally coming form Glasgow and they work for the same organization or are just a part of it.
But then what about James Notting Hill? Why would Leslie kill him?
I don’t know that when I was at Notting Hill’s house I learnt that he never had any friends who used to hang out with, there was one but they never knew his name.
He used to call him Highlander.
Then he was the guy, he was the only friend he had…….
Sorry boss but how?
Who’s called a highlander?
Oh! Yes ………….Scott …that why he called his Highlander!
So then these all deaths are related….but why would he kill all these people.

All these death took place at 12:00 but he couldn’t have entered asylum to kill him.
You said that he loved his father so much …it could have been that as of his father’s death he could have killed all those. Why would he kill the Doctor then?
He was his father’s friend.
I guess he knew something that no one knew….regarding Leslie….he might have the disease his father had ….therefore before he did any mistake…..Doctor was her to see him………..he knew it and killed him.
What was the thing then?
I guess It was regarding his health or he might have known that he killed James Notting Hill.
But there’s stand a question mark….why did he killed James Notting Hill, if he was his only friend?

Get to the end of this and get me Lecone before he kills someone else.
Give me a warrant to catch him…sir then only I can go ahead …I don’t have any evidences for getting more of it………….

He was in the HFD office with a warrant in his hand ……………he asked the secretary call Lecone.

Lecone was there and he arrested him on charge of murder.

But Ted had a difficult task ahead of him…he had to prove that Lecone had killed those three people but how?

Leslie was brought up in the court. But he didn’t spoke anything ………………
Until, he heard one of the advocates asking him if he had killed his father.
Then the silence broke up…………………Leslie started crying and started talking to him self. He started acting abnormal.
It seemed that he had some mental disorder, thus the court session was suspend till the notice was given.

Leslie was taken to mental hospital where he was kept in a room filled with cameras so that each and every action of his can be recorded.

He never used to talk to anyone but used to write something everyday but never used to let anyone read that.

It had seemed that there was not thing mental disorder in him so he was discharged form the hospital and was taken to the jail.
The day when he was taken to the jail……………he committed suicide at 12:00 midnight in the very jail…..he was…………..

Detective Ted arrived there and couldn’t believe what he had seen……………
Why would he kill himself? Then he found a diary lying under the bed………
The dairy was written by Leslie when he was in asylum.
Do you want know why I killed those three people?

I loved my father so much….though he had some thing wrong with him…..he loved me too…..there was an asylum called United Asylum. Where he was kept, there we had a Doctor called Dr. Rodney who was my father’s friend. He was so kind and helpful…one early morning I went to see Doctor Rodney…….
I was on the door…Doctor Rodney was talking on the phone… he was talking to John Page….
Sorry sir, but cant work there any more……….Richard is one of my best friend and on top of every thing he is a human being ….I can’t see you torturing him……like that……..and those experiments done with him are insane….do you know what? Richard was a fine person before he was taken to the asylum. All he had was migraine, which is just a normal disease not any mental….but as of your experiments on him….he is now mentally affected all those electric shocks and those sample pills caused him to lose his mind………sorry but I’ll have to talk to the police ….
Then there was a panic in his …..Face ………he put the phone down….saying do not hurt my family I won’t tell anybody about this thing….
Then he put the phone down….

He saw me and called me but I couldn’t stay there and when I went my house to tell them about that ………….I found that he had committed suicide that very night. Which john page was unaware of….neither was……Doctor Rodney.
Then that day I lost my father………..I was all alone in dark night, I went to see…my friend James Notting Hill. When I go there he was so happy having fun …he was having party………..I asked him why was he having a party? Then he told me that…… father died today and I have got all his money now I don’t need any thing I’ve got money that means I’ve got everything. When he said that I could visualize my father in his place and John Page in his place………………… mind was blank I didn’t knew what to do ……………..the blood in my body was rushing to my head….I could hear Doctor Rodney say “hose electric shocks and those sample pills caused him to lose his mind”
I closed my eyes, I tried to forget all those things, and when I had opened my eyes I found that I had killed him……..but I couldn’t remember anything. Then I ran away from his house….it was raining and I hadn’t eaten anything since morning the when I reached the lake I lost control and fell to the ground……..
Something struck me in my head. Then I had forgotten everything ……………..

All I remember after that was I was in the house. A woman named Jennifer Davis had found me lying unconscious on bank of lake…he was there with her husband and his son…..they couldn’t let me die there so they took me home with them……when I was awake…I knew that they had brought me to Manchester. They had adopted me as their child. Then I knew that I had to take revenge, with Page. I had told them that my father and mother died in an accident and I had no one to live with…

Then they raised me, admitted me to school took care of like their own son.
Then one day I saw on the newspaper that John page had died and his son had opened a new organization called HFD, in Manchester. That was it then I thought I’d study sociology and then work for that organization and take revenge on John Page’s son for what he had done to my father.
Time passed so fast and…………I already had got masters in sociology form Manchester Metropolitan University that means I could get work in HFD.

Then I got the job…I was waiting for right moment to make my move but…………I was not getting one…I thought I had to make him close to me I had to make everyone believe that there was nothing between us so that they would think of me as murder of Billy Page…
Then one day when I was in my office I got call form Ryan Davis. He was son of
Jennifer Davis…he was my brother but I always called him my friend as I was not their biological son. He had just arrived form USA. They had asked me to come to the USA but I said I’d like to stay in my own country so Ryan Davis and Jennifer Davis went and I stayed here. Ryan told me that he had some good news for me, they had gone to a meeting in USA where they talked about me and one of the guest in the party claimed that he knew me….his name was Dr. Rodney . They had told me that I was in Manchester…and he was coming to meet me ….and he had told them he had some unfinished business with me…some important things to talk about…..I thought that he was here, because he knew that I was going to kill Page and he knew that I had killed Notting Hill. So I asked Ryan when he was coming.
I was so eager to talk to him………..he was my family doctor.
Ryan told me that he was arriving Manchester that very day, and would be staying in Hotel Britannia Hotel.
I knew that I had to take him out or he would catch me and I can’t complete my job so that I could my father proud. Then I immediately called the Hotel and booked room no 46.I was waiting for him to come……it was 10:27pm when he arrived. I was in the lobby but he couldn’t recognize me as it had been long since he had seen me. Then I entered the elevator with him followed him up to his room. I found that he had booked room no 47 one beside me. Then it was easy for me to do the job, but I had to make sure that everything goes right. Then at 11:05 I called the operator to send me some fast food to check that how long they take to bring the order. I asked them how long will it take, and then they said around 15minutes to bring the orders. Then all I had to do was to wait till I had got the fast-food. Then there was the door bell. I told the waitress to leave the cart out side and to leave. I am on phone can’t reach the door right now why don’t you leave it right there and pick it up later?
She did what I had asked her to do. Then all I had to do was to enter Doctor Rodney’s room, but how? Then I got the idea …..I’ll take that fast-food to his room. I was in his room. I knocked at the door; he asked who was that...I told him it was room service. He said that he had not ordered but I kept on insisting and he opened the door. I took the trolley inside the room and while he was trying to make call at the reception …I took the pillow and pressed it against his face and killed him…I spend the night at his room, and in the morning, at 5:55 I called the reception to order coffee and newspaper and left the room. I left the Hotel making an excuse regarding security problem. Few days later the case was closed as they couldn’t get any evidence of possible murder.
Then the road was open for me to kill Billy James. It was the Silver Jubilee of HFD, that day he was going to make me his partner and relationship between me and him was so good that no one would believe that I would kill him. Then at the party he was so drunk that I asked him if I could drive him home. He said he could go by himself, but I insisted and I took him to his home. there was a maid in his house but on those days when he had party she would go to her parents house….because on those day when he had party he never used to return home the same day……I had got all those information form Denise. One day when we were out she was all drunk and I asked her about him as she was his cousin. …then I placed him on his bed….took pillow in my hands and killed him exactly at 12:00.

Do you know why I killed all those people at midnight?
Do you know why I committed suicide at midnight?

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