Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thank you for all my tears

I’m falling apart in silence of the dark
Now life’s been like hell it was full of spark
1 and half yrs have passed
But will my love for you ever last?
Did the thing I had never thought
Pain sorrow and tears that’s all I got
Although I had all the world in front of me
I never thought it as you and me I did it as we
But what had I got for you, you could never see
Please …..Now form my heart make your self free.
I’ve learnt the meaning of love
I’ve learnt love is not for me it’s too fragile
I truly madly deeply love you
I hope you’ll for get me and always smile
I’ve lost my hopes with life and I’m full of fears
Love you darling so much that I have to thank you for all my tears

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