Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lost for words

I don’t know what shall I do neither what shall I say
How to react when you’ll be passing through my way
On cold stormy day, on the dark cloudy sky
Like missing birds
I’m wondering here and there and I’m lost for words
Was it my mistake or was it you
You’ve lost me now but remember one like me is so few
You may get one who’s better than me in everything and to see
He may be the next best thing not quite good as me
Although our time together was too short
You may get someone who can stay with you so long
But I’ll swear darling no one you’ll find who can write such a good song.
Songs for you songs for everything you do
Everything you say and about every moment you’re in my way
No one you’ll get who can give you a song that’s 5-6 pages long
Was it my mistake that I wrote songs for you?
Was I right or was I wrong?
It’s just been a couple of days we haven’t had talk
Neither have we shared laugh neither a single walk
I’m already missing your smile, laugh I shall say
Those big eyes of yours while you’re passing through my way
I’m missing all those talks those good times are gone
All those times we had fun
Some of times that made us cry some moment of low and some moment of high
Now I’m all alone in this dark room I feel like crying
Another single moment without makes me feel like I’m dying

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