Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All I need is you

I’m so lonely, though I’m in front of a big crowd
I’m hurt so much inside but can’t cry out loud
I’m so desperate and so full of fear
Feels like crying out loud but I don’t want you to hear
I’m full of my sight but I can’t see
Is the god trying got play game with me?
I thought he wanted me to be as good as I can be
If it’s so why would he play like this with me?
I would love to show you what I feel for you
If I could cut my heart to show you through
I don’t know what you think of me
But I swear I’ll always be true
And I’ll always be right here waiting for you
I wish the days were long and night to be short
So that you could be with me all day long, because that’s what I sort
To see you all day long, that’s what makes my day
Even though charms and luck pass through my ways
All those charms and luck I do not need
If and only if I have you right here with me

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