Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Spiders of Nepal

Here are few of the Spiders that I found during a recent trip around different places of Nepal. I'm not sure enough about them, there might be few mistakes on my identification. As I've just started to work on spiders and I don't really have a proper identification keys. I used the internet and few of the only books that I could find and help from few people working in the same field but in different countries. So here's an small attempt of mine!! 

                                            A Wolf Spider (Baglung)
Wolf Spiders belong to the family Lycosidae. They are named Wolf spiders, on the basis that they have furry legs and body. They have long legs and have excellent vision. They are mostly solitary and hunt alone. The female wolf spider carries her eggs by attaching the egg sacs to the spinnerets. They are found in wide range of Habitat and they are capable of defensive bites! This particular Species was found in Baglung, Nepal. 

Found this guy at an Altitude of about 3500 meters in Muktinath -Mustang Nepal
Not yet sure about what this species or to which family it belongs, but I guess this one is a Wolf spider as well. The interesting thing is found this one in a very cold place, and was walking/running around in snow. 

    Most Probably a Golden Orb Weaver (Not sure) (Chitwan)
This one has to be a Golden Orb Weaver ( I guessed it as I don't have proper identification keys, Since I couldn't get one in the book store or the internet haha). But anyways, If it is a Golden Orb Weaver, then, also commonly called Golden orb-weaversGiant Wood spiders, or Banana spiders. They are widespread around the warmer regions of the world. I found this one in Chitwan and if you're looking for one in Kathmandu you can see plenty of them in Sundarijal area or while hiking from Sundarijal to Chisapani.

                              Cellar Spider  (Chitwan)
Cellar spiders belong to the family Pholcidae and they are also known as Daddy long legs, or Skull spiders. They have extremely long legs and delicate bodies. They hang upside down mostly on ceiling of house. The female after laying the eggs wraps the eggs around her fangs with silk and when threatened they many species retreat into the web and become almost invisible. They fairly poisonous as well. I found this particular species in Chitwan. 


                           St. Andrews Cross Spider (Chitwan) 
This one here is a St. Andrews Cross Spider, named so after their web which looks like the Cross of Saint Andrews. Which you can see in the second picture above. I found this one in Chitwan. They are also Poisonous, but not that harmful to humans (as I've read, I was almost bitten by it though) haha! 

Spider (not Sure which one haha

                             Funnel Weaver (I think) haha!

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