Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My blameless heart

Long had it been since last you I had dreamed
Life’s even worse more than it had seemed
Can’t stop loving you even we’re so apart
You might be happy but I’m living with a shattered heart
It was hard Oh it’s getting even worse
Even all I do is cry, I have no remorse
Loved with all my essence in my soul I had
The world thinks I’m crazy. Oh he really is mad
But my dear my love for you shall never die
Can’t be even swept by flood made by tears when I cry
The world might end but I’ll still be loving you, oh yes I will
My love is like air but you couldn’t feel
Oh it was everywhere around you
And will be till I die from the day I found you
Though my precious love was never returned
My blameless heart was harmed and burned

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