Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What’s love

Someone used to say it’s great to fall in love
But there’s nothing that I’ve got
Not a single gain
A heart full of tears and mind full of pain
My precious love was thrown in vain
I don’t want to fall in love again
I guess that’s what I had in my fate
Life’s like that I don’t want to regret
But what up with this love thing that everyone needs it
A happy and good togetherness and a tears full of split
What really is it to be in love to share things?
Is love really a bond made by a bunch of rings?
I did love someone but never got my love back
Now I’m living a barren life people think I’m crack
Is that what love means?
To be hurt, pull of pain? Be in dark room listen to Pink Floyd again and again?
I fell in love with a girl I got nothing but tears
Now I’m all alone living with fears
She might be happy; she’s taken my laughter, from me they are apart
I’m so damn hurt it’s hard to live with a broken heart

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