Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The thing called love

Your eye sees and your lips touch
Fun for hand, but hearts the one who gets hurt
Die one would, to fall for it just
Rebuff in life one must
The pain in it nobody knows
Once they know, not a soul shows
Fool is the one who hide
Until his emotion grows into a tide
Thus for the answer I’ve searched far and wide
Life is not what it is, it’s what you decide
To gain something one really must lose
Right person in life one really must choose
In this battle field everyone looses
Even the one, right person he chooses
Happy at dawn, at dusk full of bruises
No good feeling, tears always oozes
This is a warm thing, in world so cold
It’s everywhere they say, but so hard to hold
They say it’s found in everyone’s vault
I don’t really know about it, but “LOVE” it is called

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