Tuesday, May 31, 2011

You and I

with a beating heart i saw your face
and silent smile that you embrace
time i took to let you know
finally before i tried
long before you even knew
i found a place to hide
lost the hope i had
but until i saw you face
a gentle breeze brought
warmness around that place
i had no idea how to start
but i thought when it would end
but i was glad enough to
find out the request that you had send
it took me a day to the least
to start to write a thing
times and times of thinking
and plenty of mood swing
but at last i did find a way to write
left for my hand to that, and heart to recite
not so long before the talk
and started getting to know you well
day and night i was struck
with hands on my cell
i thought that it would never end
the talk with you and me
miles and miles of open ocean
but, right here i could see
all those times of talks and fun
those are the times i cherish
if we were to get far enough
that's something i would miss
the more i talked, the more i knew
the more i discovered the beauty in you
Slowly, yet noticeably you came into my life
floating around my head, every day and night
so sweet and so nice you were
that i could not take my eyes
and everyday and every night
you danced above my skies
its blue , it was new and something i didn't know
in my dreams, in my life, with that sweet glow
a week or more is what it took for me know you well
though i took a longer time, than for you to tell
and you said i was dumb and slow, you had to say it all
special were you to me as such, for i had to stall
but, then there came those times, we both had waited for so long
and the bond between us, everyday it grew strong
smiles were all over, i guess on the both sides
those feeling were as strong to bring shore the tides
floods of feeling flooded through my crazy mind
brining forth the beauty, making me blind
it was those times when i forgot everything about the world
for a moment it felt like whole world were at pause
shattering all those natures and all physical laws
shared a lot, talked a lot, in front of electronic screen
well long enough for you to sleep, almost turning green
no matter how hard it was, you did find the time
sorry for that green thing, I couldn't find anything to rhyme
and then the time almost came for us to meet once in for all
it was then that, to surprise you i gave you a call
though i was too afraid to talk too much i did hear your voice
it was only later that i knew it was not a bad choice
then you were almost on the flight, well away from touch
and before you got there, we hadn't talked so much
two days you took reply to me, in thoughts i was lost
it felt like a different things almost as a thirst
and then I had to leave for a week or two
before we could even meet
but then i got you're call when i was
riding down the bus on long scary street
it was good to hear your voice and
it was a promise that you made
as soon as i will land down her
i'll call you is what you said
and so did you and i thanked you for
if i remember well, you called me joker
then there were text all night and all day long
even when i was sleeping or listing to a song
then there were those place with no network next
but id knew if i got the network, from the sound of your text
i was getting so addicted each and everyday
to your text and your voice and everything you say
then came the time i said something that
changed the way we talk
a certain cloud of doubts
formed around us and made a block
but then you said, its not because of that
it took me to believe it , few hours of chat
finally when we had shared it all
then came the time to meet
and when i saw you walking down that road
i lost my word to greet
and i forgot to tell you then how
beautiful you looked
and then you weren't hungry at
all, that you ate nothing that was cooked
you stayed quite and looked me in the eyes
i was talking to you with my eyes in the skies
look into my eyes when you talk, is what said
that is what i never did, i was so afraid
you were so cool and nice and as sweet as one can be
beautiful from heart and for the world to see
i really don't know of what you thought of me
and then we got close, close and close
day and night, night and day we were in touch
and i really really liked you so much :)

and now it just upon the time

where are we heading, you and I :)

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