Sunday, May 8, 2011


I took the steps up the fews staircase with heavy pounding heart and ended up into a dark, cold and room filled with leaves and most of the things that I could not see, It was dark as hell. My Heart was still pounding from the encounter before, where I was asked to stand in Que in front of an Army. And with the reputation of armies of that area even dead mans heart would pound. I was still trying to figure out that moment when I was asked to give them everything that I had, My bags, Cell phone and everything. I had so wished to call home once, But I couldn't and I forgot to switch the mobile off! Suddenly I was brought to the moment with a bang on the door, and the room looked even darker with the door close. The heart was racing in time, wondering, afraid, thinking, wishing and yet aware that there's nothing you can do. I could see the fear in everyone's eyes, their face and the emptiness that the moment had. Things were already out of our hands, even before they took the Cell phones off us, let alone, we were now without them. After a few minutes and when everyone realized that we are not going to get out of there that easy, they sat down on the floor. Someone tried to clam us, nothing's going to happen everything will be fine but he knew it, we knew it that nothing's going to be fine. We were far away from home locked up in room that was not a big place to even roam around. But we had to clam ourself and again the other guy there said, I've been in this kind of situation before and don't worry we will be fine! And come sit down and I'll tell you the story of what situation I was in and how did I get out. And he started to tell the story, and it was a funny one, every one had smile on their faces, at least for short time. Then, someone was coming I peaked out of the window and I saw the same guy who took us in custody and into the room. He looked into the room, where all of us were down on the cold floor like they had captured their enemy and were ready to torture them. But, surprising all of us he calmed us and gave a lecture for a few minutes that it was his job to do so, detain us, and then he went away. Then again few minutes later another guy, in his army combat looked into the room and he broke the laughter inside the room and shattered it into silence. It happened for at least an hour that the armies came and went, every five minutes to check up on us

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