Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pink Floyd

One of these days
Under the pillows of winds
Fearlessly I will listen to the echoes
Of the sound of obscured clouds
When you’re in burning bridges
The gold its absolutely behind the curtains
So stay until the childhoods end
What’s the deal, mudmen?
Speak to me!
Why on the run?
Is the time running out?
For the great gig in the sky?
Under the eclipse
Any colour you like!
Until your brain is damaged they will play
Money-The greatest hit!

So shine on you crazy diamond!
Wish you were here!
But welcome anytime you like!
And have a cigar!
I’ll show you my pig!
The three different one’s
And the sheep’s and the dogs
Finally my favourite the pigs on the wing

In the flesh
Upon the thin ice
We will spend the happiest days of our life
Hey you!
Don’t leave me now
Oh good bye cruel world!
Is there anybody out there?
Or is nobody home?
Bring back the boys home
The show must go on
Vera lynn
Stop out side the wall
Waiting for the worms
And the run like hell
Until you see your possible past
And one of the few post war dream
The gunners dream
The heroes return
The final cut
In the Fletcher memorial home
On Southampton dock
When there’s to suns in the sun set

Where you will see
New signs of life
On the turning away

Keep talking
Why are you lost for words
I have I high hopes!
I’m coming back to life
And take it back
The great day of freedom!

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anonyomn said...

Tribute to Pink Flyod

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