Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Time and Universe

Now, here I am talking about something that’s way out of my field and not the one that I’m about get a degree in, but I don’t need a degree or I’m not restricted to think about the things that are going around us. So it has been a mystery for ages, where did the universe come from? Where is it going? Why can we remember our past but not our future? Is there the other side? Can we move back and forth in time? All of this things are too hard for me to think of and basically I do not have the right books and papers of research or something I can get some knowledge at all to speak about. All I’m doing is extracting a small part of this. So, Time as we now call, the 24 hour period between the sun rise and the sun set. But does time really exist? If yes, does it revolve around the earth again and again just the like needle of the swiss watch that you wear? But basically it has been accepted that time is moving away from us, its going some where. space and time are fabricated, space and time are integrated, might have heard of something called space time fabric. So as the universe is expanding and moving apart from us, so is the time, time began when universe began, so as with the big bang, time has been moving along with the universe.
so the easiest way to understand it is, think of it like this; a 200 meters rope is attached to a round wood object at the one end and the open end of the rope is moving! The wooden object is stationary along the west side of a road, so the anterior open chain is moving along east side..i.e. it is expanding along the west- east side. Now lets say, at 20th meter of the rope, we keep a small toy object beneath the rope, representing us! just like the time is passing us by. In real time, we are here, sipping coffee some cold after noon and time us passing us by above us, the rope is passing by the toy above it. And lets say, the 20th meters of rope is as same as any instant of time so lets call it 1 meters of time per actual time.So, s we drink the coffee and the 20th meter’s of time passes us, and let the instant that we finished our coffee be 21th meters, then lets say the time reaches 25 meters, so that means, We had coffee some time ago…i.e. in past, but actually its moving towards the future! that is!! with time, with space…With the expanding universe!! So that would me we are moving towards our past, because we just saw our past moving along with time, simultaneously.
And, it’s just a basic observation that also supports this thing! All those stars that are in the sky right now aren’t there! They are some light years away from us, i.e.the stars are so far away from us that it took such a long time for their lights to reach here, so that means they aren’t actually exactly in the place we see them they were there some 100 or 200 years ago. So, what we are looking at is the stars past, what happened there some 100 years ago, So let say, if I were to reach that star with blink of an eye I would be looking at earth’s past, but it has to be, the present, cuz it just took me a blink of an eye to reach there so basically when ill be looking from the star to the earth i will be looking at earths past! that is our present!


selma said...

Interesting words my dear physicist! :))

Anuj Ghimire "Aarniyash" said...

Thank You very much! :D

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