Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My view

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After all the hype, in the entertainment/movie world about the latest movie by James Cameroon, that Avatar is the best movie!! Though I’m not into sci-fi movies I wanted to check it myself, so I was eagerly waiting to download, of course why would I pay!! To watch a movie with not one of the genre that I prefer, so I downloaded it!

So basically the movie was about the war between the Americans and tribe of a certain planet called Pandora Na’vi . The American’s or lets say the human’s doing what they do best! That is; to steal from others so that they can have it all and not cares if other live or die, are in Pandora searching for a precious mineral called unobtanium. The natives of Pandora, the Na’vi’s are this blue alien looking organism, with their own language and unlike the Chinese and the French of course from this world!! Those Pandorians from different planet can speak some English!

Basically the plot is, Jake Sully played by Sam Worthington replaces his own brother, who was supposedly some kind of scientist researching on the Pandorans. And what the name avatar refers to is, genetically modified of human Na’vi’s that are operated via mental link of some kind. For that all Jake has to do is lie in some kind of chamber that looks like a MRI machine to us, so Jake’s avatar enters Pandora and while he’s training he is lost! And somehow, though he wasn’t supposed to survive a single night, he in fact does.

While he is lost inside the jungle, he meets this Na’vi girl Neytiri who saves her!! Just because some kind of plant seeds that looks like jelly fish comes and rest on her arrow while she was about to shoot him. But then she take him back to her home, and he was not supposed to be there, one, he didn’t belong their, two the human, as referred to as the sky people were on fight against them, but instead of putting a meter long arrow through his chest, the mother of Neytiri or the leader of those Na’vi decides to train him. And ask her daughter to train him. So she does and soon they fall in love! He learns! Their way as well, he becomes one of them. That was the main reason he was sent there to gain their trust. And when the time had come, when the sky people were ready to attack the pandorian’s for their precious unobtanium, Jake double crosses his own race and fights for the virtual world that he has been in for last few months.

The main plot supposedly took place in 2154, so may be there will be some kind of space ship and we will find some other planet with life of it!! Those guys in the Nasa are taking this thing seriously so!! We might get that those things by them. Lets say that part is realistic, but the main theme of the movie is sci-fi but, at last Jake is turned into one of the Na’vi’s by some supernatural ceremony!! With absolutely no, scientific explanation. So I was confused at last, if it was a supernatural movie or a sci fi moive!

And lastly, the movie did became the highest-grossing film surpassingTitanic, which had held the records for the previous 12 years. But I see no reason for this movie to surpass that record, may be just the hype was enough or may be the animation, by the which was 9 out of 10, that made the movie better than titanic, but for many reason I’m not sure!! If it deserves such a records!! Because titanic might sound girly and romantic, in a sense guys are not allowed to watch or love that movie! But I have watched titanic more that 5 times and I can still watch that movie again and again, but Avatar, not again! That was it!!

After all it my opinion and it may not be as according to all of the viewers but there are lots of movie that are better than this one!

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