Monday, October 26, 2009

Sarcastic letter

I don’t know if it’s the terror that I see in your eyes or the one that I see in my mind before I even talk to you about that, but at certain point in life we have to face it and I certainly do know how am I going to handle the fact and how will you handle the fact. I don’t know if I should trust you with something now and should you trust me for something. If someone would have asked me year ago I would have asked you to trust me with a blind fold in your eyes, but now things have changed so have I, I guess so. With respect to that thing which will be away from us for a long time, I’m not an inch sure if I would be able to trust you in any regards. It doesn’t mean all those roots inside from where all these flowers have grown were from a false root; it was indeed a true one, but the drought and things that were there to crack those roots up, almost like the microorganism killed the roots and now the roots have decayed. I don’t want look at the flowers now, there’s no meaning of looking into it. If we let a drop of water some place, it will eventually dry up, I know that it wasn’t as small as a drop of water from my point of view but its was from your point, even if it was a cup from your view, it would have dried, wouldn’t it? And let me tell you that from what I saw and what I had, it was not a drop not a cup not a bucket but it was a vast ocean. I can assure you that it hasn’t dried at all till this point but I just want to be aware that, that’s something I can’t stop and you need to consider me for that. I tried a lot to pause a whole lot of things in life but, you just can’t go against the nature, as it seems to me. Everything in on a run and I guess that’s the way they are meant to be and so the way I was meant to be. But those flowers they bloomed for some reason and the only reason as you may know. That’s their story, and that’s not going to change whatever be the end for them. If by any means the reason is sad with the flower for dying, the reason must and should know that it died for the reason, and because of the reason. A sorry from a flower would be more than enough for the reason to forgive those flowers.

Thank you.

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