Monday, October 26, 2009

Hey you

Hey you! Someone called me. You can’t chase the sun, you know that right? I knew we could never chase the sun, but that was not the answer I had, we can’t chase the sun doesn’t mean we can’t try? You know it will be a false try, a mistake he said. I asked him tell me a time when a false try hasn’t been a mistake? If a mistake were a successful try then I guess the word we have “Mistake” would be a wrong one. There are as many as reason not to do than to do something. Not doing something might not be the mistake as you may think but sometimes in life you’ll have to say if I had, that is what I don’t want to do. I don’t want to look back at my life and say if I had. It doesn’t really matter what I have to go through now, since I already know that happiness and laughter aren’t the only part of life there are pain and sorrow, you’ll get that the either way, why run from something that comes back to you again. You’ll need to face whatever you do, so why don’t you just face those and find a way through.
Its madness, I think that’s what he told me. If you think I’m mad then why are you trying to convince me? Isn’t that the same as the false try you told me about? And that is what my friend I’m trying to do, the same thing you are trying to do with me. When a stone is dropped into a pond, we feel that the water is moving form the center to the bank but it’s just a wave, the water doesn’t move, and we can’t just change the way it is.

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