Thursday, February 11, 2016

Gosaikunda again.... Day 1

Gosaikunda again….

Day 1

Well one of my friend told me before the trip, you go to Gosaikunda like we go to Ratnapark, but that’s not the case. But yet again I was there in front of Pashang Lhamu Bus Service ticket counter, waiting for my bus, glancing through the number plate of each bus that arrives there, I was waiting for my bus, the bus that was supposed to leave at 7 am in the morning, the bust arrived at 7. As I hurried myself into the bus I realized that there was no seat number mentioned in my seat, just the side, It said “B” and nothing else, no seat number….I’ve been to dhunche many times and there hasn’t been a single trip where there’s no confusion regarding the tickets, that I why I buy the tickets a day before these days, and even doing that didn’t prevent me from not getting a seat, I hurried back to the counter to show them the ticket but before I could say anything a guy in the counter looked at my ticket and sir, your bus is the white one sir, I replied “ Ma Nepali ho dai” he thought I was a foreigner then the guy randomly wrote B 7 on my ticket. I knew that there’d be mistake again and there would be another guy with a ticket that said B7. On one of my previous trips three people had the same seat number. I went back to the bus, waited for someone to come and show me another ticket that said B7 and back to the conflict….

Here’s the chase, there are few things that you can’t avoid while travelling to Dunchce in the same bus service. Or lets the the trip is Incomplete without the following things
  1. There’s always more than 2 people with same bus seat, today it was 3 of them
  2. Regardless of what the bus says, local or super or deluxe, it will never leave in time and it will always stop in ever next corner and pick people up.
  3. A drunk guy will ride bus from Kalikasthan, and a minor fight will break out during the ride
  4. From Kalikasthan, there will be so many passengers that it will take at least 5 minutes to completely empty the bus
  5. After Kalikasthan, again, there will be so many baggages that it will be very hard to walk in the walkspace of the bus
    and the trip is not complete if there isn’t a rooster rocketing inside the bus aimlessly! I was almost sure that the last part wont happen today, but almost at the end of the stop….Voila! It happened

Let’s get back …

The bust left at 7:30, though the counter guy said, it will leave strictly at 7, and I waiting for another guy with B7 but that didn’t happen, instead 3 guys had B11 seat and there was a minor tussle for the seat but it was solved in no time, because they are used to it. In most of the trips I had silent guy next to me, but not today, somehow I ended up with a chatterbox who won’t stop talking. He talked about Religion, Politics, Sports, Nature, Wildlife, Wetlands, Agriculture, everything that is there to talk about. I just nodded and said, Yeah that’s right all the time! And as we neared Dhunche, he talked about Earthquake for about 30 minutes, I listened to him this time and there was nothing but misery in his voice and what he had to say. His aversion towards the government and relief policies, well not sure whats situation on that but according to him no relief in terms of building construction has reached a single family in his village, which was supposed to be the part of 200,000 Nrs which the government was supposed to give for reconstruction.

Apart from that the trip was pretty normal, I mean nothing interesting happened at all. I got off at Dhunche, went to the same hotel I stayed when I was here before, and had a good cup of black tea and few oranges, looking at the Massive Langtang Lirung Mountain right in front of me along with Gang Benchhen of Tibet… and now here I am with a bowl of spicy water which was supposed to be a good noodle soup and my small notebook, writing about today. And Since I’ve reached the point where I’m writing, I guess this is it for today! Tomorrow should be interesting!! Lots of works to do, before I leave to Gosaikunda

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