Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Scientist's Love

It was a cold Kathmandu evening, with soft icy breeze brushing up outside his north facing window, with the canvas of early morning dew on his window glass.  He looked at this mobile phone
6:37 am Monday
He was almost late for work, but was reluctant to get out of his bed, let alone his room.  After wasting few minutes check his Facebook, he got up his bed. His room was more mess than his life was, the laptop cord lying on the floor along with his phone charges and few pairs of sandals which he never wore. The first thing he did in the morning was to drink a glass of water, and only then he’d take tea. The tea was followed by his bathroom time, or thinking time!
As an inspiring Chemist, he worked at a Scientific Research Center was a completely reserved guy with limited number of friends, or no friends so as to say. He rarely went out with anyone, the only thing he loved was his work, he did have a Scientific mind from the very beginning. He was very good with Chemical Manipulation, as people said, he had a creative touch to his brain and use to create various chemicals to solve different problem. At age 27 he had already won numerous Scientific awards at local and international level. Science was his life, as much as life is Science. There was nothing interesting in his life, the same day time routine followed every day of his life. He spent his day time, usually around lunch time in one of the local café. One of the unfortunate days, as it will turn out to be, out of all the weirdest thing happened to him. He was in the café, coffee shop to be precise, working on his laptop, a beautiful girl came in front of him,
“Excuse me, do you mind If I sit here?”
He took a time to reply, as he was lost in her beauty, she was very beautiful, tall and elegant, dressed well, with a scarf around her head and goggles shading her eyes, which were striking as well,
“Sure” he said in a soft tone, nodding his head.
She sat there quietly, drinking her coffee and staring at her phone, smiling occasionally, her smile was as beautiful as the first light of sun shining up against a snow covered mountains! He couldn’t help but stare at her all the time. She had realized that as well as he was doing nothing but staring at her, unless she looked at him, and when she did, he seemed turn is head around of look at his laptop for a change. It was her who broke the silence…
“Hi, I’m Sneha”
He never talked with anyone, let alone a beautiful girl, but he did reply
“I’m Aman”
“Do you come here frequently?” she aksed
“Yes I do, almost every day, my work place is quite near. I haven’t seen you here before, is this your first time?”
She nodded, drank a sip  of her cup of coffee and said “ Yes, I just returned back from the States recently, I live nearby, when I was here in Nepal, this place was not here, just saw it and walked in, I kind of like this place already”
He said nothing but “Yeah it’s a good place” and got back to his work.
She broke the silence again  and said, “Okay I’ve got to go now, I’ll see you around, have a nice day!
He just smiled and got back to his work.

Months passed and she was almost as regular as he was, they used to talk a lot, they were quite good friend. He was intrigued by her beauty and she was by his brains. Slowly they started having feelings for each other, but again it was her who had to break the silence, she knew that for the guy he was he’d not be able to break the ice and tell her that he loves her, so one day she broke the silence, and expressed her feelings to him. He reciprocated! It was his first time in love and he developed passion in everything he liked, and he loved her passionately, he was crazy about her, woke up texting her, slept with a good night message, called her every hour or so, she replied most of the times, He was getting addicted to her way to much. The first love is the deepest, and it surely is, he was so addicted to her that he’d probably not be able to live without her, there was nothing he loved more than her. He used to do crazy things for her, to show is love but it was never countered from her side, she just took it as it went. After being together for almost 2 years, she started to ignore him, never replied texts, never called back, and he was even more addicted to her than before. And on of the unfortunate days, she again broke the “Silence”.
“Aman, I’m sorry! I don’t want to be in a relationship” she said
He was devastated, he didn’t even know what hit him, he asked her the reason, she said it was nothing!
“There’s no reason, I just don’t want to be in a relationship that’s it!”
She stopped talking to him, but he couldn’t stop thinking about her at all. For a guy who never developed feelings for anything but Science he never had to cry but now, he cried all night thinking about her, he wanted to call her, listen to her voice, tell her how much he loved her, but he couldn’t because it didn’t matter to her. Nothing did. He couldn’t let go of her, forget her. After months of disappointment and depression, he decided to create a chemical which will help him forget everything about her. He worked for 2 months in his lab and created a chemical, he tested in on a mouse, to erase a certain portion of small memory from his brain, he was successful in erasing the memory from the trained mice’s brain. Finally he was happy, he knew it will help him forget her. He made new batch and applied it on himself. He slept, and when he woke up, everything else was erased but her, the only thing he had in his brain was her, what he thought was in a small part of his brain was in every single part of his brain, there was nothing but her in his brain! And everything else contained themselves in small part and got erased. And now he was left with nothing but her memories in his head, couldn’t revert back to normal because his Science was gone! The only Science he knew was “Her”

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