Monday, August 10, 2015

Mission Impossible Rouge Nation : My review

So then Tom Cruise never gets old, and he is back again with the impossible mission at his hands! From the first installment of 1996; Mission impossible I to Mission impossible 5th, the rouge nation he has only gotten younger; energy wise. And that’s expressed in the first few minutes of the movie when he jumps up on a running plane and then hangs on the door of the plane, which just took off with full speed, if it was other movies, people would be like, What the actual fuck! But its “Tom Cruise”, and he just makes it so easy and doable. Not only that, if you think that was unrealistic for you, few seconds later he is forced into the moving plane with the rear door open, and bangs his head on the metal, and just dusts himself and rises up, just like that!
The movie reflects an American version of “James Bond” franchise, (only that he doesn’t go introuducing himself as, Hunt, Ethan Hunt)  but with high tech gadgets and top notch action, might be a bit unrealistic for most of the audience, but it’s realistic enough, Because “Tom Cruise”. The overall story is pretty good compared to the previous editions, while Ethan Hunt is busy chasing an anti IMF group called the Syndicate led by and ex-MI6 agent, CIA director is on back of the IMF, and successfully dissolves the IMF. With his new mission being, brining Ethan Hunt back to the states, but Cruise is one hard guy to find.  Though technically he is a fugitive on the run, and on the eyes of the ever seeing CIA, that very CIA that can supposedly to the unthinkable and have eyes everywhere, and can track faces of moving people, but not Ethan, Because “Ethan Hunt”.  Plus, the fugitive, who is a subject of primary concern of the CIA, apparently can travel all over the world, without any disguise and not being in the radar of CIA, who apparently can track anyone they want but not the Protagonist. The plot is pretty interesting and keeps you going, definitely few humors on the way. Ilsa Faurst, played by Rebecca Ferguson, has crazy role, a triple agent or similar, who goes on from being a heroine to villain and back to heroine and villain and so on for multiple times, finally settling down to become a…..well I leave that for you to find.

The man of steel, Ethan Hunt, delivers his best! Tom Cruise never underperforms, at least in MI series. One moment, he drives a motorbike, probably at speed higher than 80kmph and bangs his knee on the road and just gets away with a facial expression, if that wasn’t enough, few minutes later he falls of the same bike while riding at speed higher than that, and gets up, dusts himself up, with nothing but torn up clothes, and not even a single scar in his face! Because “Tom Cruise”. Apart from these things, the movie is pretty good in  overall aspect, worth your time and money. 

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