Monday, January 23, 2012

A Tour

A late night it was, and the crescent moon was high above. Everyone was almost about to go to sleep, as usual. But then there was a noise, a big one, a accident may be, as most of them thought. But it wasn't as you'll know later on. Since it was a big bang almost everyone woke up, the dark night was again all in lights, not for long. There was nothing outside, not an accident, but what was that? No one knew for certain, most of them thought, it will certainly make the headlines, why not sleep today and care about it tomorrow!

The sun appeared in the morning like nothing had happened the other night, but almost everyone woke up like something terrible had happened. They turned on their television but there was nothing about the big bang they heard last night. They thought may it was thunder a loud one. But It was not.

Unlike, those who waited up for the news to telecast what had happened, few knew what did happen, and one them was Guru. It was as normal day as he had spent for the last few years, until he heard a big bang, thunder he thought, but it was too loud and felt like something had crashed an accident may be he thought. He rested his pen down and stopped everything that he was writing, he went outside and saw a small light glimmering out in the dark, after all it was an accident he thought, he ran outside to see if someone was hurt. He reached with a short distance of the light, and that wasn't anything close to a vehicle he used to travel in. It resembled mostly to an electric car but was different. There was small bulb, with a red light shinning on the top. The door was circular with no particular place to pull from. It was strange. Guru was kind of scared now, he couldn't see anyone inside, for it was pitch black, and nothing suggested it was an accident, as the car or whatever it was looked brand new, not even a scratch! He was about to return back to his room, in fear but at that time, something clicked and the circular door opened, and a man stepped outside. Guru was now scared, he was shivering, his legs were shaking back and forth in pendulum motion. The man was nothing as such he was or the rest of the people on the earth. He was still in shock. The man said, in the mostly fluent way, and greeted him with "Namaste" He didn't reply, probably he didn't heard what he had said, he was still in shock.

The man again said, Namaste
This time Guru heard him, but all he could reply was Nam..Namaa..Nam. and passed out.

It was few hours after that he woke up, and the strange looking man was still staring at him, as soon as he say Guru opening his eyes he said Namaste again.
This time he replied with Namaste. And then the Strange man explained to him, that he was from a distant land of Electricus, and the Electrians as they called themselves were keenly interested in human on the planet earth, and they've always heard about our country and always wanted to come here, and for that reason he'd been to the country. Guru couldn't believe what he had just heard, he thought may be this is a dream and will be over once I'm done with it! But it wasn't. Then the strange man said, I need to get inside my Vehicle, for I'm charged within it, and I can't stay out for too long. Then he went inside, but Guru was still lying outside, and as soon as the man entered his Vehicle, Guru ran into his house shivering like crazy.

The strange man was not surprised, he was expecting it, like he had always, when he'd travel to distant lands. He then, pressed few buttons and his car divided into to two part, something like a refrigerator and a car. Nothing like the car that we had hear on earth, a strange alien adaptable to environmental vehicle it was may be. Then he hit the road, Few hours in and he loved the hospitality of the people, he loved the local cuisine, loved the scenery and he did learn about the history and it impressed him to the most. This land was different, from most of those he had been to before, he loved it here. It was magnificent he told everyone. He had been to lot of places in short time, all he had to do is press a few of those fancy buttons and he'd be there. And, most places he had been to, everyone were kind of shocked at the first, but then they learned where he was from and most of them didn't even understand and they didn't even care to! At the end, while was just about to depart, he produced a small device from the back of pocket, turned it on, and it flashed like a camera's flash and they'd forget everything.

He back in the city, he hadn't explored the city, he had left for the last. It was almost 4 days of earth time and a single day of his own, he had no more than 2 days to spare. He was so lost in the magnificent nature and scenic beauty and hospitality he had forgotten everything else, he wished he could never go back to his land. He remembered something when he was back in the city, he was thinking about his tour, to the beautiful places and those kind people who will have no such memories of him ever being there , he was stuck in the traffic and a heard a beep, it was his battery meter, it was almost down, had less than an hour to go. And, he had to go back to the place where he landed the first day, back to that refrigerator thing to recharge! He was low on battery and he couldn't just press few buttons to be there, he had to drive. There wasn't anyway out of it, the traffic, it was crazy, it was nothing like he had ever seen, it seemed as though he could never get out of it, so he looked for another method, he could hold the battery for few more hours with normal earthly way, charging like we charge cell phone battery, then he somehow found a intersection and parked outside a shop, and asked the owner for a favor, He said if he could charge his car, and I'd give you anything you want, but sadly he hadn't learned about the load-shedding problem and the energy crisis. There was no power, and the traffic was still as jammed as a old screw jammed upon the rusty metal. 3% Battery read the display meter or whatever he called it, I had no longer time to learn about, he was fading, for he and the car needed the energy to run with, they had none, he hadn't seen the dark side, for he thought about the bright one and the red light glimmering on the top of the vehicle turned off...

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