Monday, January 30, 2012

Mad land

It was a long time ago,
in a kingdom of the mountain
the foothills of which homed
for the two drinking fountain

One it was for the mighty king
whence he used to dwell
and one was for the citizen's
for it was their only well

for years they lived in peace
disturbed they were by none
they loved their king for
he was as almighty as the sun

there was not a war till this day
that they've seen him lose
be it land or be it at the sea
for they would take cruise

all was good, and there was peace
and the land was getting rich
but out of now where, un-announced
landed there a wicked witch

she took a potion out of her sack
filled with all her malice
poured it in the drinking fountain
right outside the palace

no one, yet aware drank the water there
they had no other well, no where else to bring
a few days had passed when they all went mad
running down outside the road they began to sing

they were all acting weird and crazy
ran rampage outside the kings house
for their brain had been infected
by the treacherous wicked witch's louse

the king never had have such fears
for those people were about to bring
the wisest of the men were then
brought to advise the king

the wisest came from different land, all well in their head
and as long as they drank from with the palace fence
they advised the king for an unlikely thing
as the situation kept getting more tense

they told the king that, there was peace
when the land had all but normal men
it changed when they all drank wicked potion
and forgot who is a foe and who is a friend

the only choice they king had, they said
was to drink the water for the well outside
only then would it prevent him from getting killed
for, if all were mad, then nothing could divide

at last the king picked insanity over death
he drank the water from the well, there came the laughter
for now he was among all other in that land
and they lived happily ever after

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