Sunday, October 30, 2011

School days

The elastic energy of my ears were increasing
When the teacher was pulling my ears
This was connected later to the earth
When I was doing up and down touching my ears

There was an expansion on my anger
And exponential decay of my knowledge
The faster diffusion of C6H12O6
And I was being pulled down by the gravity

His theory said he was trying to change
The electron that I am to proton that we all should be
But I knew I was an element that
Cannot be broken down by any chemicals

Knowledge is everything he said,
His knowledge was gigantic
You bloody fools you knowledge is in billion X micron's
Even electron microscope cannot see

I can't find the latent heat, to change your mind
I know that an object remains at rest or in uniform motion
Unless acted up on by external force
I can't change the damn object that you are
You are disgrace to the law

You'll learn on your way to ontogeny
The physiology of life
The world is a vast sea to live and
You are nothing but mere plankton
That day will come when you metamorphose
Into adult from puparium

He used to talk about some kind of symbiosis crap
And I used to press my phalanges against my pinna
You are nothing but a pathogenic micro organism
For which the antibiotics can never be found
You are a parasite and this world is a host

Your friends are like the rotten potato
That creates a chain reaction
We must pour some alcoholic KOH on you
Also perform dehydrohalogenation

Your brains were made chloroform by god
But you have turned them into phosgene
Your brain is fermented by sacchromyces
The fresh water that you were born is dying
As a pure distillation of C2H5OH

The qualitative and quantitative analysis
On you will result as a major disaster
You deoxyribose sugar must really code you to be a liar
Dear fool child your solubility product must be really higher

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