Thursday, October 27, 2011

Microbiology Practical exam

As usual remember yourself standing outside the laboratory nervous as hell not because you think you’ll get low marks but freaked out because all you know about the subject that you are appearing in is the spelling of the subject and you’re appearing in it. You can imagine yourself to be the red faced guy with a book in hand who’s not exactly reading it! But is turning whatever page the other fellows are talking about. Then you think to yourself; god!! Exam sarye ni hunthyo!! “Sare ta sure padhtheye” all you get is a laugh from those nerds surrounding you who know everything but they don’t; and they strictly do not know anything…that is why the add a paper…15 min after the exam starts… then come the “Khadus miss haru” Timi haru le apron, marker, admit card layeko cha ki chiana? Apron layera admit card haat la liera line basne!! Question paper liney!! Ani start the exam and stop talking. At this point, I know you don’t want that to happen and yet you have to do it…you select one of the question paper and according to Newton’s third law of motion, as soon as you read the question and you throw out your reaction there’s a equal but opposite reaction and the question silently says “You’re fucked” with a smile…

Then you enter the lab!! Without a single idea of how are you going to do those things that are on the question paper?? There are something that you’ve never seen in you life before!! And just as you thought you could sneak in some cheats and books….the khadus teacher comes to you and takes away you cheat and at this moment its equal to you underwear!! Now you are figuratively naked…you take your seat!! Then you see a nerd sitting behind you and you ask him/her “timi lai aaucha” he says “kei aaudaina yar, thie pani hamro set nai alag alag cha” then you are fucked x 2 times… you start to curse your self for not opening the damn book for last 1 mths!! That you have and you curse your self for all those time wasting!!!! Chay pasal ma gareko hawa guff!! “aja ta ghar gaera sure padhchu ko guff” and everything you’ve done…at the time you cant do anything… then…you are compelled to talk with a “Girl” I repeat a girl!! That you have never talked to, in fact never seen in the college…and asks her!! “oe timi le 2 no. garyo!! And only if the luck wants you to get fucked more than x 3 will the girl say “no” but if 2 is your threshold!! Then!! Finally its your day!! And guess what!! You just attempted all the question and while you were keeping the test tubes proudly in the incubator…she’s still writing and you think to yourself???? What the hell is she writing? Just like I’m thinking now!! What the hell am I writing?

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