Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Endless road

Well, it started off with doubts and of course the same type of negative energies but I don't know something inside me said, Ok... lets see this might go somewhere. But no one knows me better that I do and I know where was I going with this. A certain help from a friend of mine was like a dim lights on a dark scary road, which at least could direct me the way I was heading to. But the end of the road was always uncertain, But I had no options I had to take that road not matter where it ended, who would known that the road once you've set your foot on never ends and all you get is just endless supplies of darkness and uncertainty of infinite boundaries of shattered dreams and expectations. Not long before your legs start to weary off and you start to think it through, look back and all you see is that you are half way through the never ending road and now you can't just go back and you are too tired to go ahead, to the place, that you are not so sure about its existence. But, something inside you says, never let go, never accept defeat, no one can defeat you! Still you know the answer that you are walking on a road with broken lights and sideways filled with the people with broken dreams or even legs or heart, and there you go! you join one of them. And when you are running away from the reality of life, of truth towards the end of the road where you assume lies your dream, time is running in the opposite direction to you, you can it silently fading away in darkness and now you are left with nothing, strangled in the middle of the road, with no where to go, no one there to consult you, no one shows sympathy and time shows no mercy and no matter how hard you try to make you believe that you never lose a game, a moment of silent and adding a certain darkness to your eyes with that frame of time makes you realize where you stand and then there's nothing you can do about it but write it on a thin piece of torn out paper with a pen and someday the letters fade away, just like the time that faded away when you were running against it.

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