Friday, August 5, 2011

A dream

A sunny morning or
day time it is
not so clear on the electronic screen
I sit a doze and I dream
and in the dream
As I close my eyes
I see the multicolored hair
shinning besides me
and shadows lie beside me
I care not much about him
I think,
but the scene is almost killing me
I try to open my eyes
but cannot find a way
everything turns dark
night consumes the day
it gets hard to breathe
to see whats going in front of me
the heart feels heavy and
the head feels down
regrets come to life
feelings turn around
cursing away the fate
love turns to hate

1 comment:

girlnemo said...

a very nice touch of a born poet dreaming...or shall i say, daydreaming. kudos to you anuj


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