Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What should I do?

Should I be happy? Or be sad, to know that the footsteps in my lawn belong to the only trespasser that I intentionally want and Unintentionally don't want in my lawn, sneaking up on the flowers, the fruits that I've grown for the last few years. I was not aware of that scenario till few days ago, and my life was perfectly perfect but now something has changed, a lot things have changed. Old feelings that had grown old has now revived into a young root of feelings beneath the core of my shattered heart, passing away the sense of hope and desires that I have buried inside the soil along with the plants. Now, I am too afraid to let it go, to pluck the flowers, to even start to think of plucking it now. No more can I withstand the pain of those piercing thorns that I had to bleed my heart through before I could enjoy the beauty of the rose.

I've gone through enough, not much you think I have, Not much I think you know. Now, you walk like a storm through my beautiful garden, tearing away my garden like you tore my heart apart, and yet I have a sense of happiness hidden under my heart, but not until you regret the decision you made, I shall not be as happy as I would have if the things had gone the way I wanted them to.

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