Monday, April 4, 2011

If it's you

I don't really know, or have no such thoughts in my head, if you are regularly checking up on me everyday. I got a hint, not from a expressing soul but a recording one. I wonder, why should one sneak upon the tainted past, while living through a divine time with in the colors of life. What feelings grow inside, what force drives a crazy mind to restore a belief that the words as they fill upon the blank whitish paper or electronic screen and reflect back to your beautiful, sky like, eyes. Remiding you of the one last person in your life, who was driven crazy by the way you moved, walked, talked. With passing of time as you might have thought that it must be over, "I know he was crazy", but is he still wandering inside his vacant imaginations, trying hard to fill it with past memories of the beauty and the beast. Time, they say drives many things, and it does drive someone crazy. Even to a state where the already crazy mind are hovering across the blue, your eyes like, sky, looking down upon the places with the ever looking bright big eye's. Remebering the prayers, the jokes , the walk, the talk, the food and what not. Everyday, just like it has been written before, the face is searched fo,r early in the morining, late in day, late in the everning. A routine driven by a shear madness of a traumatized heart. It has been on for years now and I think it will go on for a while now, but what wonders me the most is, why would do you need to know how am I? what am I doing, why do you care?

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