Sunday, September 5, 2010

I am an Idiot

I was an idiot then, because I was wrong, a big liar I was, I was possessive, I was selfish, and I didn’t care what happened to you! I never wanted to be a responsible person; I totally didn’t care at all. I was there watching you, everything that you do. Those memories, under the sun and of course the full moon, I tried my best!! And you can’t deny that fact, but something was never enough for you! And that something I never understood, although I wanted to do that something, the last thing, I never knew where to start, there was a key in my hand but there were no doors around. I could never enter inside like I could never enter inside your heart. All those failed attempts; they were not the least that you wanted and more that I couldn’t do for you, at least for me it seemed that I walked the length of the earth for you, but no!! I didn’t, you proved it now, after hundreds of full moons and thousands of rainy nights, it took you long time to shatter the cold wet glass that was soaked from the tears that I cried all those rainy nights!

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