Tuesday, September 7, 2010

As I walk alone

Well, even before the silence of my words was broken, the voices have been deceased inside of me. A unbreakable truth it was, but yet not hard to try, like in stairway to heaven, I wanted to be sure if the store is closed or not…and I can see the neon lights from where I stand and it seems like the store is closed and there is no sing on the wall, and there are of course no two meanings for me. Before the clouds could gather and the rain drops fell, before I searched for an umbrella or shelter, before I got wet, I’m am about to break the silence and walk away from this road and take the next turn for the lost city that I’ll probably never find. With hopes I walk alone, with images, with memories, with a name in painted with black ink in the dark red color of the beat box. May be I’ll find the music for my lyrics and the glass to hold all those tears that I’ve cried. Thousand’s of sun and moon will pass me by, while I lay inside the loop whole of my mistakes and the loneliness. It was anther chance, a new day! A new door and a new key to start a new day, but as always I was the wrong man at the wrong place, trying to figure out, when it was already a sun or two late. But at least, I’ve got few things in my head, and someone inside guiding me and telling me every second, there’s always a hope left no matter what…I’ve gathered some hope as I walk alone the next turn of this road.

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