Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The path I choose on my individual awareness, full consciousness of my brain and the full self realization of the consequences made me realize the truth of the ground reality that I assumed to have had in the past, though something inside me made me chose that very path, which of course I should never have preferred to, while knowing what to expect from the opposite force. I put my mind, feelings, thoughts and most of all my trust unto the silent pouring rain into the shinny sands!
I walked across the perfectly laid stone, each dividing, a line, just like between us dividing them. A channel of rains drops gathering and marching into the deeps just like the river of tears that I shed for her. Everyday, every night I poured my tears into the chalice of love I thought she gave me, but when I closed my heart to miss her even when she was there in front of me, she left some sands as a symbol of her love for me, and silently with my voice, my tears of love for here were sucked up by the sand of her hate for me. Darkness roofed the radiance of my eyes everyday like a ghost inhaling my existence from the world of those intelligent human that she had her trust stamped on…but with no regrets I walk alone…

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