Saturday, August 21, 2010


A sound from some kind of device lying beside me woke me up. I took a quick breath and waited for few seconds for my vision to get clear. But as the vision got clear; I was surprised to see that I actually didn’t knew where I was. I’ve never been in this place before, never seen the canvas, an oil painting of a rather beautiful lady hanging in front of me, never ever in my life I had been in this place before. I walked up the window and looked outside, not surprisingly it was just a new place for me, beautiful but never seen.

I was really getting frightened now, so I drank some water from the glass that was silently standing on the table, like he was waiting for me to pick him up and drink the water. It was clod, almost as if someone had just poured it in from a bottle that came directly from the deep freezer. I walked towards a door, which I thought was the door to the bathroom, and the first time today I was right. I walked in and I saw someone inside, I was shocked, who is this?? And, what is he doing in my bathroom? May be not mine but one of the bathroom inside the room that I just woke up. And as I was about to speak to that man I’ve never seen in my life, who was inside the bathroom, I realized something unusual, and this time my brains were all over the floor. I wasn’t looking at someone, I was looking at the mirror, and not only I couldn’t figure out where I was, I had completely forgotten who I was. I had never seen that face before, I tried to remember who I was and I realized that I don’t even know my name…

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