Monday, March 28, 2016

Batman Vs Superman : My Review

Batman vs Superman : The fight of Son of Krypton vs Bat of Gotham

To start off with it, the "Fight" part isn't as much as it was expected. And I'll clear things right now, I'm not a big fan of both of these super hero's and not a comic reader as well. But as far as I had seen in the trailer and as the title suggests, there was nothing much of a "Vs" between them. The movie starts off with a scene where batman dreams about the death of his parents. Running away from the Funeral, he falls into a pit filled with bat and gets carried away to the top by bats! Pretty intimidating scene. While superman enters the Metropolis with a Spaceship from Krypton along with Captain Zod.

The VS part starts, when reckless superman ends up damaging "Bruce Wayne's" Building by accident and hurting/killing his employees. Bruce Wayne, Batman now starts hating Superman for personal reasons as well as damaging the city  by "Accident". He is so pissed off about damage to his personal property that he intends to kill Superman for that. But later on he destroys the city with his Super Car, damaging personal property of millions! Its only good when he does it, and when Superman does it by accident, He is the Devil.

Batman is not the only person ho hates Superman in this movie. A employee of Bruce who loses his leg by accident also joins the hate gang, for losing the leg. Imagine what would have happened if Superman hadn't killed Captain Zod, isn't that a bit selfish? Not only him but even the government is against him. Apart from that Lex Luthor hates him for some apparent reason, again I haven't read the comics yet so not sure why he hates it but he hates superman so much with intention to kill him. Apparently everyone tries or wants to kill Superman in the movie. Its actually Superman VS everyone. And the guy who lost his legs actually tries to blow superman off with a bomb, and of course fails! Everyone saw that coming!

There are lots of things that happen in between, the movie is quite long and over stretched. Lex Luthor succeeds in making Superman fight batman. And batman manages to steal Kyrpton from Lex and makes a Kryptonian spear which could kill Superman. To make Superman fight batman Lex kidnaps his mother, throws his girlfriend from top of a skyscraper. Superman comes to the rescue of his girlfriend in the city in seconds from somewhere in the mountains. Then goes back to the top where the Lunatic Lex is smirking, he learns about Lex kidnapping his mother and just stays there doing nothing. The first instinct of someone who just learns about his mother being kidnapped and his girlfriend thrown away from a skyscraper would actually punch the asshole first and then talk! but he just lies there helpless, he's superman for gods sake. And if you're thinking "If superman had punched him, he'd have never known where his mother is" but later on in the movie he manages to hear his Girlfriend bang on the floor from far away amidst the warzone, but yet fails to find out where his mother is ? probably screaming? He doesn't love her enough ?

Then came the part where the whole hall started Cheering! Enter : Gal Gadot ! The HOT Gal Gadot - The wonder woman, and a wonder she is! And while Superman, Wonder woman are fighting their ass off to kill this alien-y beast that Lex Created, Batman hides somewhere and yet survives but Superman, Superman Dies!! I'm not sure how that ends up in the Comics but superman dies !! I was expecting him to come out of the Coffin! But he didn't but I know he will, Super man dying? really?

But anyways, what I was expecting was a clash of ego between them, and it was fight that Batman would never win, for obvious reason, but still Batman does manage to bleed Superman. The hatred that batman feels, so much as his intentions to kill him fades in few minutes where he becomes "Friend" that was a bit off beat for me! The ego shown before that scene was the "VS" should have been but that lasted for less than 2 minutes, I think!

But still the movie is good, To watch! but still not as good as it was supposed to be at least for me it wasn't good! It all depends on personal views anyways! I didn't like the movie, I did enjoy watching it!

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