Friday, October 31, 2014

What I think about Talakjung vs Tulke

Talakjung vs Tulke, directed by Nishcal Basnet, the Director of super hit 2012 Nepali movie “Loot”  is dark comedy. The movie is set in a village of the  protagonist, who is a commoner, a sort of  innocent idiot who constantly fools around with the villages and gets in trouble a lot. The movie starts with early funny scene’s and a gradual buildup of the  plot as well the cast.
Talakjung aka Tulke, played by Khagendra Lamichhane, who was previously supposed to be from well to do family having being stripped of his land and wealth by the chieftain he now lives as commoner doing any work he gets his hands on and fighting with almost everyone in the village with few of the friends from his circle. Tulke, who hates being called Tulke has a cursh on Fuli, played by Richa Sharma. For the first half an hour the movie revolves around the life of protagonist, the first half of the movie is pretty funny , the story line starts when one of the Contractors who’s working on brining the roads to the village is kidnapped by rebels.  Slowly the darker side of the comedy is built up when an insurgency starts hitting the village. Talks about a revolutionaries taking over the village is on the rise, when Tulke finds out that one of his close friends in joining the force as well, he gets interested in it as well and starts talking about it with everyone. After hearing about the revolution going around the village the chieftain is scared that he might be over thrown, then he tricks Tulke into telling him about the revolutionaries. Fuli, who works for the Chieftain, tricks him and then sets him up for an attempted rape on her which leads to exile of Tulke from the village. Tulke then runs away from the village and goes to the city, meets a small time criminal and then starts his criminal life by robbing people around the city using a fake political party’s letterhead. His glory days are short lived as his leader is shot dead in police encounter. By chance he escape the encounter and leaves the city with five hundred thousand rupees that he took form a shopkeeper.  When tulke returns to the village, the village has changed.  His friend, Hanuman is dead, all of his friends are missing. Rebels are running around the village in almost full control of it. Tulke learns about the real story behind the death of his friend Hanuman. The story takes a different turn after that.
As for the end of the movie, I better no spoil it for you guys!

The first half is pretty good, with lots of funny scenes and dialogues. The second half of the movie, takes a different turn and most of the small parts shown in the movie is completely out of context or not related to the rest of the movie. The director has tried to incorporate different aspect of a commoners life and the state of insurgency. The movie is good direction wise and with a very good Cinematography, but lacks a clear theme or a story. The part where tulke goes to the city has no effect on the move whatsoever, as supposed by any audience, it was supposed to show over growth of Tulke’s strength or behavior but he returns as the same guy, without any effective change on the movie plot.  Even the name of the movies doesn’t seem appropriate as the per the plot.

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