Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sweats of summer

I'm late every day, even though I wake up at 6 am and start to get ready for the University, I end up being late. And these days with the excruciating heat, the nights feel longer and the summer's buzzing tourists have started to rejoin the blood feast, which again keeps me up till late night and also Twitter is there as well. But then back to the story, I’m always late! Well, all of you know that the traffic system is messed up to its limit, and we all know the scenario of the microbuses. In the morning rush hour, it jam packed, and I’m pretty sure that the  designer or the engineer of Toyota never knew that so many people could fit inside that small space in the microbus, he’d probably be shocked to know that they’d fit 10 people in it! It was fine during the winter, but these days every single one inside the micro bus has a drop of sweat trying to escape the hot surface of their nose and fall on someone else hair or body while trying to hold onto anything they can find inside the micro bus! The bus will be fuming with heat and even with all the windows open, the wind never gets through the barrier of that many people inside the micro to your head, and you can’t even move an inch, but still the conductor yells, “Thaau khaali chha” – There’s still some space in here, I have no idea of what his definition of Space is!! May be he knows too much of Physics stuffs and empty space. To top it all off , well Icing on the cake as it is said, or Sweats on the cake may be? Icing is too far, "Winter is coming" only in Game of Thrones, while we’re mushed up in sweats of summer. And these are the times when the bus driver is in no rush to reach somewhere and the traffic is freaked up. You get stuck in traffic for hours to such an extent that you get dehydrated sitting inside the bus with sweaty backs and fuming internal cabinet with 10 or more people standing in front of you, and you don’t really want to smell the variety of sweats! You can’t walk because it’s too hot and you can’t stay inside the micro bus for too long because it’s literally an oven. I don’t even know the solution to it, increase the micro bus number and then we will have more traffic and leave it as it is, it’s extremely hard to withstand, and most of you who take the microbus from NAC/Newroad area at the peak hour will know it, Try getting a comfortable seat from NAC microstand, you’ve got be lucky not to be standing! 

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Anandeeta Gurung said...

Same pinch! I have to endure similar public vehicle trauma when going to my University :D

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