Monday, January 13, 2014


No, I think I should talk
not you, let it be me
I'm good with the words,
since when?
there's no forever
remember we've just met
how long has it been,
its been forever,
you just didn't know
but again, I'm good with words
So I shall do it,
no I will do it,
you'll ruin it for
you don't even exist
its you who doesn't exist,
how can I not exist,
if I didn't there wouldn't be you
You are because I am ,
I am you and you are me,
so let me say, and let me be
but what about he?
He's not into she,
how can it be?
aren't we all the same?
and you all go by my name?
aren't we just different in our heads
is it just me rambling or
no idiot its your meds
stop it, don't take it anymore
you'll lose us if you do,
but I'll lose her if I don't
what if she leaves you?
we never will
but I want her, not you
you are me and I am you
You want what I want, and
what I want is freedom in you head
and I don't want to lose me,
I love the me inside you,
I am the better you,
Stop, I can't take it anymore
and who is that? never seen him before,
he's you, he's new! 

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