Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Gayou gyampusey chwomah manu

With the hectic exam schedule and Nile of exams flowing for more than a month, I really needed a hangout. I was far away from the crowd, or was I looking for peace within the crowd of strangers and foreigners walking through the historical Durbar Square. As soon as I was done with probably the second last exam of my student career, I rushed my way to the bus stop and took a bus, wishing that I'd reach the square in five minutes and get something to eat. I was tired as hell after standing for a long time and getting to dissect a frog but not to eat one, and hungry as well. But, there's always a but and when you're taking a bus passing through the Balku road, you've got to add subtract 30-40 minutes to reach Teku and finally hope for that intersection to be free of traffic and on your worst days, How could it be?

An hour or so later, finally I reached NAC, by the time I was there, my wish to be in the square with strangers had gone, instead of going to the square I took a micro, so I could go home and sleep, finally without pressure of anything, specially exam.

And if you think you are lucky person and luck is on your side, then test your luck-ness, I dont even know if that's a word but anyways, test your luck-ness by getting a seat on a micro from NAC after 4 or clock. Again I wasted about 45 minutes of my empty stomach's energy to wait for food, analogs to my wait for a microbus, finally I saw the glorious site, the micro that I was waiting for, but as soon as the micro got closer, I realized that the sea of humans around me were waiting for the microbus too, and I hate the fact that,someone like me, who need a particular micro which reaches the end of my destination doesn't get one but those who are taking it for a short distance and all the micro in the stop leads through that place, yet they had to take the same micro for which I had to wait 45 minutes! But, somehow I found a way, pushed myself into the small microbus, and in such situations I get highly Claustrophobic. I struggled my way into the micro and found out that there's not a single available seat, the conductor was shouting, could you please squeeze a little  , then he asked me to fit in to a small open fabric of the cushion, and as I looked down, there were to girl, sitting there. I had long way to go, so I asked them If I could sit there and without any words the girl slid a little inside, and gave a way, I somehow fitted myself but every time the micro turned around a round about I had to grab anything I could so I'd avoid falling, and there were few things to grab, and few things I could never haha!

I was so exhausted with everything all day, and finally I had a small part of the microbus seat where I could barely sit, but something is better than nothing. But I was completely drenched in sweat and feeling so hot that the mask protecting me from the dust and smoke felt like a jacket. I took of my mask, then breathe out loud for few seconds and looked to my right where, two girls were sitting, and I hadn't really realized what they were talking about,  I never eavesdrop and that time I was too exhausted to do anything, but as soon as I look towards them, one of the girls had a expression of being shocked at something, like she just saw a ghost, then she told the friend next to her," Gayou gyampusey chwomah manu" 

Too bad I knew what that means!

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