Friday, November 25, 2011

I don't care

I was drowning
in the cold water
of hate
and despair when you
pulled me,
offered me your hand
and warmth that
pushed into my heart
forged a smile in my heart
with the warmness and
the joy of being found
the joy of you being around

Im not afraid of falling anymore
not even in all of the ocean
at once,
I'm not afraid of being sad anymore
for i have you in my mind, a mental art
i have a picture of you deep within my heart
im not afraid anymore
no more i have fright
for you are there to shed all the light

I dont care if the world ends tomorrow
I wish I have the rest of the time for me to borrow
I can fly even without wings when your in my mind
to a place, where its just you and I and
your hands i can find,
and all the world together we can see
the world is a happy place to see
along as you you're standing by me

1 comment:

Rubina Kharel said...

landed across your blog from VENT, loved this poem, i can totally relate to this :)

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