Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Generation Gap

Time is like a wind, confined to a small area around each and ever individuals, and every now and then it blows away the aged stuff and replaces with a stream of change. Nothing in this universe is stable, from the microscopic atoms to the highest of mountains, with the change in time every thing changes, changes are inevitable. Even those of the non living things move along with time like a cart attached to a horse by the name of time. In case of us, humans, and typical socially and culturally chained community or the brains of those people, the world today is moving at the speed of light and either they don't like it or they are too old to understand, what really is going on! And if we are to find a way to derive and equation that could integrate those who live freely in today's world and those who prevent them to live freely, we would round up with a state of difference in attitude or lack of understanding between the old and the young people.

Walking through the time, we learn, we experience new things, and grow knowledge with respect to the surrounding like a well camouflaged lizard, we can change our color to a time in society and evolve accordingly, but with the change in time and with almost all the parents being well educated, live with a fear of having to drag their children's from embedding them self into the pudding of western cultures. Misunderstanding form today's world mostly arises from the lack of education and knowledge about the on going changes in the world. But the changes are unavoidable, it's not that they have to change, it’s a must!!! The gaps cannot be filled with matters or any particles or any lectures, and those, elders would be annoyed to have been lectured by a person who wasn’t even born when he have had to endure the difficulties of the world, so they must embrace the fact that, once in their life time they left some thing behind, their broke the rules, the did something their elders didn’t want them to do, and they fact that they just turned out to be the perfect guardian. Today's generation, have seen a lot, even in a short time period, they have gained a lot of knowledge, they are mature and educated enough to make a wise decision and to change with time in such a way that they keep the harm at bay. And those elder's must understand that if someday we aren’t to fight for survival, fight against time, may be who knows, we might just join the dinosaurs under our very own soil!!!

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