Thursday, October 14, 2010


I’m not lost, I know where I am, and where is it that I exactly stand as my carving my thoughts into words. But lately I’ve been having a feeling, may be something’s not right or it’s not going to be. But do I really care? Or should I? I’m here and with all those lights surround and unknown faces, the crying faces, as sad one could ever be in lifetime. I don’t consider me to be the saddest one; I’m by far the best one. The happiest one when I’m in front of these people. They are sad, lost, venerable, they crying, may be the guy creeping under the old scratched out SUV he’s probably mad, ten times mad than what I am. He’s talking to himself, oh wait I’m talking to myself as well. Now why do I call him mad? And I call my self mad? It’s too much for me to think I can’t I just have to get out this place and find some place where I can take the second step towards madness.

I walk for a while and there’s no silence surrounding, but I need it! More than anything I want now. I don’t want these sounds, please someone stop this!! And who is turning the lights off? It’s getting dimmer and dimmer. Someone please turn the light back on!! Oh! Who’s pulling me? Is it you mister? I don’t even know you and why are you doing this to me? Please!! Someone help me!! You mister, the guy in the black suit! Please, can’t you hear me?? And why aren’t you moving at all? Aren’t you real? And you miss? Are you real?? You standing there with a phone pressed against your ears? Are you real? Help me please! It’s pulling me! Help!

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