Wednesday, November 25, 2009

As I leave

I can see the blood
Jumping down my skin
Trying to rush down
To the place my brain has
Asked them to flow down to
A thought runs in my brain
Was I the one?
The only one
Who lived in lie?
Of truth
I left no reason
For the light
I searched for the darkness
Within the darkness
And yet I was so far away
I wanted
Wanted so bad
The world was a force
And I was alone
They were in for a war
I had to give them something
A smile from a win
Or the blood of defeat
They were lotus
Growing in the mud
But I thought they were beautiful
Yet they were beautiful to those
Who thought I was one of the
Mud grown lotus
Though they hated me
They never knew the one
Who grew up on the same mud
They thought I was growing on
There were sarcastic at times
And Hippocrates the most
They were the place
Many used to call me
When I was some one
But I never knew who I was
Until now
Now I know who I am

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