Friday, July 17, 2009

17th July 2009

So much for the dream Ive been having lately. I wonder how am I able to dream, when I cant just do anything? Think and Dream arent those the same? but why cant I think and I dream all the time? fair enough for the time Im asleep but what about the time when Im not? It has been a day or two that I havent done my routine, I dont know if its my heart burning or the Global Warming but something is burning for sure, somewhere inside my heart. I cant i just can think, sleep or anything at all.The dark clouds above me never seem to leave, I was mistaken all time long I was comparing those to you, but do you know what is the difference between the dark clouds and you? Even though I loved you, you left me to make my life dark, but even when I hate this clouds so much its never leaving and yet making my life a dark place for me to silently crush away my heart.I dont really understand your reason anytime, even though I say I do.Atleast that brings smile on your face and you closer to me. I just cant lie to be with you and the truth Im telling is not helping me at all to be with you. I was as mad about you as A dog is about bone but with those recent facts Im sorry dear. I just cant, I cant even think to trust you. Do you even realize that youve changed so much? I hear things and I guess that are supposed to be normal but those things I hear arent. I guess Rose is what its thorns are, Moon is all about its eclipse is, Warm is never warm if there is nothing called cold. You are never Beautiful as you are If im not There To be the Ugliest part of your beauty. Let my tears shine you in my eyes, it would not matter much to me, till you are smiling. Everything I speak are lie for you even the word "Truth" coming out of my mouth is translated into "Lie" by a certain factor, as it seems to me. Im so dead right about it but I just can find the loop hole to erase that fact for ever. A stone might not be as worth as a diamond, I do understand that. But is it up to us to judge the facts? What if centuries ago, Our anchestor had made stone as worthy as a diamond and a diamond as unworthy we think stone is. All Im trying to say is, Nothing is as it seems it is, Life is just a game, which we cant sort of, it might end today tomorrow, its uncertain and nothing we own is ours. I know this will be a worthless crap for you, But every single thing youve said? Ive just replied, you like it or not!

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