Tuesday, April 29, 2008

In the woods, I’ve heard thy love is dead

In the woods, I’ve heard thy love is dead

In the woods, I heard thy love is dead
Into that very wild forest she had been
To search for you, yes you loved her
But now when she came for you, you are lost
Her shadows remain there to be ornament to the woods
Alone in the dark mist she wandered for you
To find the one who loved her the most
Deep below the blue sky on green land
Those beautiful eyes, wet by tears, they searched
Hurt, oh yes the heart was not to have found you
With deep fear in her heart she was alone
Searching for her admirer, who loved her to death
But the love there was she searched was lost
With a broken heart of her, she lay there to rust


asmi said...

i've been in this blog several times just to read this poem... it is awesome.. specially the last line. just keep on writing, your words are magical!!!

Manchester United said...

Thank you so much!!

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